Genshin Impact The Chi Of Guyun

The Chi of Guyun in Genshin Impact is a side quest that you can complete in the game, and it involves finding and solving several statue puzzles. Figuring out where to find the statue puzzles in the Genshin Impact Chi of Guyun quest is one thing; finding the solution is a whole different matter. However, the quest does reward you with a ton of very valuable loot, so completing the Chi of Guyun quest is well worth your while. So, in our Genshin Impact The Chi Of Guyun guide, we’ll show you how to solve the Chi of Guyun statue puzzles, where to find them, and how to complete the quest.

genshin impact the chi of guyun
Genshin Impact The Chi Of Guyun

How to Complete Chi of Guyun Quest in Genshin Impact

To complete the Chi of Guyun quest in Genshin Impact, the first step is to defeat a Ruin Guard. After you do, interact with the nearby pedestal. That part is easy to figure out, so I doubt you’ll be having trouble there. The next step, however, might be a bit more difficult. It requires you to find three statues in the search area and interact with them. They are surrounded with huge orange crystals, so they’re not exactly difficult to spot. Still, we’ve marked them for you in the map below. Make sure to interact with each one of them.

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where to find statues chi of guyun genshin impact
Three statue locations

The next step is to go to Quingce Village to the north. Head to the large X-shaped building with a blue roof on the map. Once there, talk with Granny Ruoxin about the fragment in order to receive your next mission. From here, things are gonna get a little tougher, since you’ll have to solve some puzzles.

how to complete genshin impact chi of guyun quest
Granny Ruoxin location

How to Solve Genshin Impact Chi of Guyun Statue Puzzle

To solve the first Chi of Guyun statue puzzle in Genshin Impact, you first have to find it, of course. It’s right below the letter “Q” in “Quingce Village” on the map. You can see the location in the map below. Once there, you can interact with the thing in the middle of all the Geo Statues to get a clue of how to solve the puzzle.

chi of guyun genshin impact first puzzle location how to solve
First statue puzzle location in Chi of Guyun quest

Basically, the sequence is north, south-east, north-west, north-east, and south-west. The top statue is facing north, so really, it’s not the most difficult thing to figure out. The sequence goes as follows, facing north: top, bottom right, upper left, upper right, bottom left. Easy-peasy. Loot the chest that spawns after you complete the puzzle, and proceed to the next step. If your sequence ends up being different, just adjust accordingly, and you’ll be fine.

Genshin Impact Incomplete Writing Puzzle Solution

The second puzzle in the Chi of Guyun quest in Genshin Impact is at the highest point in Quingce Village. If you look at your map, and go south from the aforementioned X-shaped building with the blue roof, you’ll see a small, roundish pond. That’s where you need to go. Be sure to stock up on Stamina food, because it’s truly a long and arduous climb. We marked the location for you below.

how to solve chi of guyun statue puzzle genshin impact location
Second statue puzzle location in Chi of Guyun quest

Once again, you can interact with the pad in the middle of the statues to get a clue. However, we’re just gonna explain which statues you have to interact with. The first one is the one looking towards the large fir tree branch, aka facing to the north. The second one is just to the right of the tree, next to the big, three-pronged orange crystal. Statue number three is on the opposite side of the pond, to the left of the lone orange crystal. The fourth and final one is the second statue to the left of the third one. Loot the second chest, and go back to talk to Granny Ruoxin.

From there, she’ll basically point you where you need to go. You’ll have to go into a cave behind the waterfall in the search zone, and insert all three fragments in the metal gate to open it. Prepare for some major battles at that point, things are gonna get pretty hairy. Explore the entirety of the cave, loot everything in sight, and report back to Granny Ruoxin to end the quest.

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