Theater Mechanicus Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus is a part of the Lantern Rite event that you unlock after meeting specific requirements. It’s a strategic, wave-based minigame that requires you to think strategically and carefully plan out your unit placement. I can see a lot of players getting confused with Theater Mechanicus in Genshin. You might be wondering how to unlock it, how to play it in solo and co-op, hwo the Stages and difficulties work, what rewards you get, etc. We’ll be answering all of these questions in our Theater Mechanicus Genshin Impact guide.

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theater mechanicus genshin impact
Theater Mechanicus Genshin Impact

How to Unlock & Start Theater Mechanicus in Genshin Impact?

To unlock and start the Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus challenge, you first have to complete “The Origin of the Lanterns” and “Liyue: Theater Mechanicus” quests. More on those in our Lantern Rite guide. After you do that, go to the north of Liyue Harbor and speak with Ruijin. Theater is actually a board game she’s invented, so speak with her to start playing.

A few notes to keep in mind before we continue. One, you can play Theater Mechanicus either solo or with one more player. Two, you have to spend one Xiao Lantern per game, regardless of whether you succeed or not. Three, the event has a time limit; it’ll be available from February 10th to February 28th.

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus – How to Play?

Every challenge in Theater Mechanicus in Genshin Impact begins with the time-limited construction phase. During it, you spend your limited Veneficus Points to build Mechanici at predetermined locations. You can get some of those points back if you change your mind and deconstruct one of your Mechanici. During the construction phase, you can see the paths that the waves of monsters will take<, so place your pieces accordingly. You can always end this phase earlier when you're ready.

After the construction phase ends, monsters will start emerging from purple portals and making their way to the blue ones. They won’t attack, but you can’t attack them either; the only way to deal damage is via Mechanici. However, you can still prime them with elemental effects. When a monster reaches a blue portal, they exit the game. The aim of the game is to not let more than the set number of monsters escape (the limit is stated in the progress info on the left). Also, don’t forget to use Stage Features to turn the tides as necessary. Mind the cooldowns, though.

A wave in Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus ends after all the monsters either die or leave. In between waves, you enter another construction phase where to can further mess with your Mechanici. More importantly, you can acquire a Mystic Art, which give you various boosts. Make sure to read the descriptions and choose carefully.

How to Play Theater Mechanicus in Co-Op?

To play Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus in co-op, you simply have to opt to do at the beginning. That part is simple and self-explanatory. However, it also affects the gameplay in ways that are significant enough to mention. So, let’s get to it.

For one, the maximum of constructible Veneficus Mechanici is a collective limit that is shared between players. Whoever, everyone still earns Veneficus Points individually. Two, both participants’ Mechanici levels will depend on their individual upgrade progress. Three, if either of you exits a stage before completion, neither will have the ability to join another co-op session for a set amount of time.

Theater Mechanicus Stages & Difficulty

Theater Mechanicus in Genshin Impact has six stages and eight difficulty levels. The stage determines the highest difficulty you can set, as well as the maximum Mechanicus level and Venificus Sigils earned (more on those at the end). The difficulty you set determines your reward multiplier at the end of the stage. Let’s break this down a bit, shall we?

  • First Stage – Max Difficulty 2 / Max Mechanicus Level 4 / Max Veneficus Sigils 900
  • Second Stage – Max Difficulty 3 / Max Mechanicus Level 5 / Max Veneficus Sigils 1050
  • Third Stage – Max Difficulty 4 / Max Mechanicus Level 6 / Max Veneficus Sigils 1200
  • Fourth Stage – Max Difficulty 5 / Max Mechanicus Level 7 / Max Veneficus Sigils 1350
  • Fifth Stage – Max Difficulty 6 / Max Mechanicus Level 8 / Max Veneficus Sigils 1500
  • Sixth Stage – Max Difficulty Special Mode: Blink of an Eye / Max Mechanicus Level 10 / Max Veneficus Sigils 2000

To unlock Stages, you have to work through the Festive Fever steps. The first three Stages are automatic unlocks, four and five unlock when you reach “Guests from Afar,” and Stage Six unlocks when you get to “Glow of a Thousand Lanterns.” The game really makes you work for it.

So, those are the details on the Stages. As for the difficulty levels in Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus, they increase your rewards, as we’ve already said. To unlock a difficulty, you have to unlock the corresponding Stage and complete the challenge on the previous difficulty. Anyway, here’s the numbers.

  • First Difficulty Level – Reward Multiplier 1.0
  • Second Difficulty Level – Reward Multiplier 1.2
  • Third Difficulty Level – Reward Multiplier 1.4
  • Fourth Difficulty Level – Reward Multiplier 1.6
  • Fifth Difficulty Level – Reward Multiplier 1.8
  • Sixth Difficulty Level – Reward Multiplier 2.0
  • Seventh Difficulty Level – Reward Multiplier 2.5
  • Special Mode: Blink of an Eye – Reward Multiplier 3.0

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Rewards

The rewards for playing Theater Mechanicus in Genshin Impact come in the form of Veneficus Sigils and Peace Talismans. The amount of Sigils you get is equal to the amount you’ve earned by competing Stage Challenges multiplied by the difficulty reward multiplier, as explained above. You can keep track of Stage Challenges in the “Stage Features” menu at any time during or before starting the stage.

You spend the Venificus Sigils in the Armory menu before starting a challenge to unlock new Mechanici and upgrade the ones you already have. The further you upgrade them, the stronger they get and can even gain additional special effects. As for unlocking new Stages, you must progress through the levels of Festive Fever to do that, as explained above.

As for the Peace Talismans, you earn them by completing quests listed in the Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus event page. You spend your Talismans in the Xiao Market on all sorts of neat items. Spending a thousand of them is one of the requirements to unlock a free four-star Liyue character. To unlock more quests, you have to accumulate more Festive Fever.

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