Genshin Impact Tri Seal - Explore and Unlock

Explore and unlock Tri Seal in Genshin Impact is a secret side quest that you can get in Sword Cemetery in Dadaupa Gorge, and it makes you visit three locations to bring down the magic barrier. Fortunately all the locations that unlock the Genshin Impact Tri Seal are not too far away. However, the game doesn’t really tell you where you need to go, making things way more difficult. So, in our Genshin Impact Tri Seal – Explore and Unlock guide, we’ll show you the exact locations of all three switches you need to complete the quest.

genshin impact tri seal explore and unlock
Genshin Impact Tri Seal – Explore and Unlock

Explore and Unlock the Tri Seal in Genshin Impact

To complete the Explore and Unlock the Tri Seal secret hidden quest in Genshin Impact, you have to visit three locations. All of them are in Dadaupa Gorge, so there’s not too much wandering involved. The first location that you can visit is the yellow circle on the map, north of the Sword Cemetery. It’s a kind of arena with a fence of wooden stakes. You’ll have to complete a challenge once there. After that, attack the statue with an ice attack. That will turn off the first layer of the barrier.

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The second location you can visit is the small, round pond southwest of Sword Cemetery. There will be some enemies there, including a mini-boss of sorts, and another elemental statue / switch thing. This one requires a lightning attack to activate and bring down another layer of the barrier. Lastly, head to the east, to the area between the three orange spots on the map. There’s a circular area there with rubble in the middle, next to a hut. Clear out the enemies and use the fire attack to hit the statue. That destroys the barrier completely.

explore and unlock the tri seal in genshin impact locations where to find
Tri Seal switch locations (click to enlarge)

So, at that point, all you have to do is go back to the Sword Cemetery and open the chest. This will complete the Tri Seal quest in Genshin Impact, and reward you with some pretty good loot. That’s that. If you need more help with this game, check out some of our other guides. We’ve written Stamina – Increase Max Stamina & Stamina Food, How to process ingredients, and Secret Pirate Treasure Location. More are on the way, so stay tuned.

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