Why is Arlecchino Called Father in Genshin Impact?

Though Arlecchino has been mentioned in Genshin Impact way back in 2.4, we didn’t meet her until 4.1. An enigmatic character that has several names, she is a member of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, being the Fourth in this group’s hierarchy. One such name – or, more accurately, title – that she is addressed by is “Father”. Though, her being a woman, this admittedly doesn’t make a lot of sense. So why is Arlecchino called Father in Genshin Impact? And when is she going to be released as a playable character? We’re going to answer both of these questions, right here in this article.

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Why is Arlecchino Called Father in Genshin Impact
Why is Arlecchino Called Father in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Why is Arlecchino Called Father?

Arlecchino is the director of the House of the Hearth. There, all the children refer to her as “Father”. But why is that the case? Well, the reason is actually quite simple. Namely, “Father” was the title of the previous director, and previous Knave (Arlecchino’s name in the Eleven Fatui Harbingers). So when she clashed with and disposed of the previous director (and, most likely, killed them), she inherited both the title of Father, and the position of the Knave. While it may turn out that there is more to this story, it’s very likely that this is all there is to it.

When Will Arlecchino be Playable?

Arlecchino is going to become a playable character once Genshin Impact 4.6 has been released. The release date for this version is April 23rd, 2024. And while the release date for this can always get pushed back for whatever reason, this probably won’t be the case and we are going to be able to play with Arlecchino then. As of right now, we still don’t know too much about what her character’s going to be like when it comes to stars and weapons, only that she’s going to be a Pyro character.

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