Genshin Impact Windtrace Guide

Windtrace in Genshin Impact is a new event that you can play until May 24th and earn various rewards, including up to 400+ Primogems. The event is fairly fun in concept, because it’s basically just Prop Hunt. It’s a blast, but some players are having trouble figuring out how to start the Windtrace event, as well as how to play it efficiently and get some of the achievements, such as “Win once as a Rebel without using Disguise.” Well, in our Genshin Impact Windtrace guide, we’ll show you how to do those things, as well as some general tips for both Hunters and Rebels.

genshin impact windtrace guide
Genshin Impact Windtrace Guide

How to Start & Play Genshin Impact Windtrace Event

To start and play the Windtrace event, go to the north of Mondstadt and find an NPC called Gygax. He’ll be standing next to a table with what looks to be a board game, so he’s not easy to miss. Once you talk to him, he’ll explain the details of the game (if you’ve ever played Prop Hunt, you’ll feel right at home). After that’s done, click “Start Matching” in the bottom right, then press Y to see how the matching progress is going. All of you have to click Accept in order for the match to start, it won’t begin on its own. Note that you can play the game in a custom co-op party, but you won’t earn any coins, which is kinda the point of the event.

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Windtrace Rebel Tips

Playing as a Rebel in Genshin Impact Windtrace means that you have to run and hide from the hunter for a set amount of time. You’ll have several skills at your disposal, and you can even choose between two of them: Transparency and Lay Bait. There are five maps to choose from, and each has different props you can turn into in order to hide. So, here are the tips. First off, make sure to choose a relatively short character whose colors match the surroundings on the map you’re playing on. That way, you can hide more easily. Second, choose your prop carefully, and hide in a place that doesn’t arouse suspicion. Lastly, keep track of the Hunter on the minimap, especially if they manage to break your disguise and you need to run.

Windtrace Hunter Tips

When you play as a Hunter in Gensin Impact Windtrace, you have to capture the rebels hiding across the map. For that, you use the Capture skill, which dispells the disguises of rebels within the AoE and catches them. You have three charges on that skill, which come back over time, so keep an eye on how many you have. Always look out for props that seem to be out of place to easily catch less-than-careful players. Also, use your other skills carefully and tactically. Lastly, you’ll get a Favor somewhere on the map once the last minute comes. ALWAYS go and take it, because it breaks all disguises and marks all remaining rebels on the map, beams of light above them included. Make the most of those twenty seconds.

How to Get Win Once as a Rebel Without Using Disguise Windtrace Achievement in Genshin Impact

To get the Windtrace achievement “Win once as a Rebel without using Disguise,” you should just jump into a tree and stay there. True, you can rely on your skills of dodging and hiding without using disguises, but that’s definitely the trickier way to do it. Instead, I recommend you find as tall a tree as you can, and then leap into the branches, as high as you can go. I admit, it’s kinda tricky to pull off considering how small the “platforms” are, but you’ll get it with a little practice. However, be advised that you’ll only be able to use this strategy once against any given hunter. Once they’re wise to your ways, they’ll never fail to check the trees. Good luck!

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