Ghost of Tsushima Charms - Shinto Shrine Locations

Charms in Ghost of Tsushima Shinto Shrines are special charms that you get by finding your way to the shines of the Shinto gods and bowing to them. There’s a total of 16 Ghost of Tsushima Shinto Shrine Charms scattered across the map, and every one of them forces you to solve a mini platforming puzzle in order to reach them. Even figuring out where to find the Shinto shrines can be an issue, let alone figuring out how to get up there. However, it’s worth the trouble, because all the Charms you get from them are really, really good. So, in our Ghost of Tsushima Charms – Shinto Shrine Locations guide, we’re going to show you where to find the shrines and explain how to reach the Charms.

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ghost of tsushima charms shinto shrine locations
Ghost of Tsushima Charms – Shinto Shrine Locations

Izuhara Charm & Shinto Shrine Locations

There are seven Shinto Shrines in the Izuhara region that we’ve found; one for every one of the sub-regions of Izuhara. So there’s a Shinto shrine in Hiyoshi, Ariake, Azamo, Tsutsu, Komatsu, Kashine, and Komoda. Each of them has a specific name, as you’re going to see in a minute. Before we begin, though, here’s a map of all the Shinto Shrines in Izuhara for reference.

ghost of tsushima shinto shrine locations

Shinto Shrine #1 – Arrow Peak – Charm of Inari

The first shinto shrine in Izuhara we’ve come across is Arrow Shrine, which is on top of a mountain in central Azamo. This shrine is dedicated to Inari, the kami of agriculture. Said mountain is southeast of Kii’s Pond and northeast of Sakimori Overlook. The path to the shrine is near a large watchtower that you can use for orientation.

Now, as you follow the path, you’ll see that the bridge is out. So, from the priestess, head down and to the left and hop onto the huge boulder, then use the tree branches to get onto firm ground. Climb up the path and crawl into the small cave. When you exit it, scale the wall to the left, head up, and hop over the gorge. You’re now back on the beaten path, but there’s another burnt bridge.

Once again, go down and to the left to the remains of a camp fire. Climb up the rocks and basically follow the path of ledges and branches until you end up at the base of the bridge on the other side. Right next to it is another ledge that you can scale, so do just that. At the end of that climb, you’ll once again be on the beaten path that’ll lead you straight to the shrine. Bowing to it grants you the Charm of Inari, which increases supplies, predator hides, bamboo, and yew wood yields gained from collecting.

Shinto Shrine #2 – Golden Summit – Charm of Amaterasu

Next up, we’re heading to the Golden Summit shrine in Ariake, which is on top of a mountain northeast of Winding Trail and southeast of Golden Temple. This one is a little easier to handle. Climb up the rock stairs until you come across the burnt bridge, then drop down and walk across the planks and follow that path. Crawl through one cave, then head left and squeeze through another. The next two bridges are broken, but you can use the remaining beams to cross them.

The third bridge is wrecked completely, so jump to the right and follow the path of platforms and planks. When you come across a small camp and Buddha statue, scale the wall to the left. From there, follow the platforming path up and to the right, around the mountain. At the end of it, you’re back on the path, so proceed to the shrine of Amaterasu. The Charm of Amaterasu lets you gain back a moderate amount of health upon killing enemies.

Shinto Shrine #3 – Winding Mountain – Charm of Izanagi

The Winding Mountain shinto shrine is in the northeast of Tsutsu, in the area south of Cloud Pass. The shrine is dedicated to Izanagi, the kami of creation. The stairs are, of course, broken, so hop to the right and use the grappling hook to catch the tree branch and swing to the other side. From there, the way is fairly straightforward. There’ll be some crawling through holes, grapple-hooking, and cliff-scaling, but nothing too difficult; the path is laid out for you clearly.

The only possible difficulty you might encounter is when you have to swing across two tree branches and then quickly grapple onto a stump on the other side. Just take it slow and time your jumps carefully, and you’ll be just fine. At the end of the climb, bow at the Izanagi shrine to receive the charm. It gives you a 40% chance to return an arrow after landing a headshot.

Shinto Shrine #4 – Plum Blossom – Charm of Kagu-tsuchi

We proceed now to central Komatsu, and the mountain called Shigenori Peak, on top of which is the Plum Blossom shrine, dedicated to Kagu-tsuchi, kami of fire. As you start your climb, you’ll bump into a bunch of flaming logs. So, take the path to the left, climb up the boulder, and hop across the flaming pit. Keep going and after you squeeze through the crack in the wall, head right and jump across the branches again.

Proceed to the burning bridge, hop onto the beam on the right, then jump across the horizontal beams. Then, climb a bit further around the ledge, and you’re basically at the shrine already. The Charm of Kagu-tsuchi lets you deal bonus damage when you’re at 50% health or less.

Shinto Shrine #5 – Spring Falls – Charm of Mizu-no-Kami

The entrance into the Spring Falls shrine area lies at the foot of a mountain in northwest Kashine, in the north of Kukai’s Falls. You might think it’s the gate next to the stairs leading up, but no, it’s across the stream from there, as you can see below. Walk up the path, and soon, you’re in for the climb. It’ll take a while, but the path is obvious. Just keep the cliff wall on your left and keep on the path of ledge-climbing, walking across improvised bridges, etc.

The Spring Falls shrine is dedicated to Mizu-no-Kami, the kami of water. Appropriate, considering the waterfall setting. The charm you get from this shrine allows you to perform Parries, Perfect Parries, and Perfect Dodges more easily. Lets you move like water, as it were.

Shinto Shrine #6 – Stone Dragon – Charm of Susanoo

The Stone Dragon shrine, dedicated to Susanoo, the kami of storm, is in the northwest of Izuhara, in the west of Kashine. So far to the west, that it goes off the map completely. All you have to do is use your grappling hook and climbing skills to get to the other side. The whole thing begins by you jumping off the ledge towards the cloth wrapped around the branch that you can use to swing off with your grappling hook.

The game will lead you in a fairly clear fashion. Just time your jumps and grappling hook shots carefully, and follow the trail of the cloths wrapped around branches. At one point, you will have to go down to ground level and climb back up. Anyways, once you bow to the shrine of Susanoo, you’ll get a charm that gives staggered enemies a 30% chance to be knocked down.

Shinto Shrine #7 – Mending Rock – Charm of Okuninushi

On the completely opposite side of the map, in east Hiyoshi, at Isonade Coast, is the Mending Rock shrine, dedicated to Okuninushi, the kami of medicine. Pass through the gateways, and keep walking across the ledge. Squeeze through the gap in the rock and keep going, then crawl into the cave at the small waterfall. Climb out of the cave, and proceed until you jump onto the ledge from the branch.

Drop down and scale the ledge. From here, there’s still some ways to go, with jumping and climbing and whatnot, but the way is straightforward. Just be careful not to fall to your doom, especially at the hanging bridge just at the end. It’s worth the trouble, because the charm of Okuninushi slowly heals you over time when you’re out of combat.

Toyotama Charm & Shinto Shrine Locations

There’s a grand total of six Shinto Shrines in the Toyotama region of Ghost of Tsushima, one per region: Akashima, Otsuna, Umugi, Kubara, Kushi and Yarikawa. So, that’s exactly the same as with the first region. And the shrines themselves work the same, too: they’re all mini platforming puzzles that you have to solve in order to bow at the shrine and get a charm. So, to begin with, here’s a map of all six Toyotama shinto shrines.

shinto shrine locations where to find ghost of tsushima

Shinto Shrine #8 – Marsh Rock – Charm of Izanami

The first Shinto Shrine we’ve visited is Marsh Rock, dedicated to Izanami, kami of life and death. It’s in the north of Akashima, in the south of Firefly Marsh. The beginning of the approach is in a lovely field of white flowers. From the first gate, head right and follow the path. Look out for the lamp on your right, because there’s a wall you can climb next to it. From the top, use your grappling hook to swing over to the next part of the “maze.”

Now, head down the path until you reach a lamp on a ledge on the left. Climb up and squeeze through the gap between the rocks. Hop across the gap, then swing again onto the scalable ledge. Follow it to the left, and you’ll be at the stairs leading to the shrine. After you bow to it, you’ll get the Charm of Izanami. Having it allows you to use Iron Will to revive yourself with 50% of your maximum health.

Shinto Shrine #9 – Lush Peak – Charm of Shinatsuhiko

Next up is the Lush Peak Shrine, which you can find on a small island in northeast Yarikawa, east of Yarikawa Stronghold. The whole thing begins by following the stone pathway until you reach the dead end. From there, you’ll have to hop and grapple onto the stump sticking out of the cliff and rappel down. You’re in for a long climb around the mountain, but the path is pretty clear, just difficult. The only potentially confusing bit is that you’ll have to jump onto a rock with a single tree on it in order to turn a corner. It seems suicidal to try, but that is definitely what you’re supposed to do.

Shinto Shrine #10 – Cloud Ridge – Charm of Azumi-no-isora

Our next stop is Cloud Ridge shrine, which is to the north of our previous location. This shrine, dedicated to Azumi-no-isora, is in east Kushi, on another small island north of Urashima’s Village. The beginning of the path will lead you through a small bamboo thicket. When you exit it, hang a left and walk down the path until you’re on the beach. Follow the trail of torii gates until you reach the broken bridge. Jump onto the rock ledge left of the bridge, and proceed on the path.

Unfortunately, there’s another arduous climb in front of you. Again, the way forward is pretty clear, and the camera will guide you true. It’s just hard to do. There’s just one part near the end that might escape you, and that’s the scalable wall next to a torii gate at the end of a downward rock staircase. You’re supposed to go up from there; do not try to jump across the chasm. The charm of Azumi-no-isora makes your arrows silent on impact, which is an amazing trait to have.

Shinto Shrine #11 – Turtle Rock – Charm of Hoori-no-Mikoto

We go now to central Toyotama, in what can be considered south Kubara, towards the Turtle Rock shrine of Hoori-no-Mikoto. The location is north of Old Toyotama Hills and southwest of Little Monk’s Pond. To begin your journey, climb the long stairs, then head right. Keep an eye to the left for the small boulder you can climb, and then head up the wall. Cross to the other side using the tightrope.

That is about the most difficult part to figure out; everything else is just a matter of hopping across chasms, scaling walls, and using your grappling hook, and walking across more tightropes. Odds of you getting lost are pretty small. The Hoori-no-Mikoto charm you get from the shrine lets you remain hidden when assassinating enemies from the grass.

Shinto Shrine #12 – Hazy Cliff – Charm of Ryuujin

It’s time to travel to the west of Toyotama, to west Otsuna, north of Yoshinaka Bay. The shrine there, Hazy Cliff, is dedicated to the kami of the sea, Ryuujin. Compared to a lot of other shrine approaches, this one is pretty simple – just follow the narrow path between the rocks. Eventually, you’ll come across a broken bridge; head to the right of it and grapple onto the tree below to swing yourself into a brief climbing section.

After a bit more walking, you’ll come across another broken bridge with bamboo stalks jutting from either side. It might seem like you can make the jump across with your grappling hook; trust us, you can’t. Instead, you’ll have to grapple onto the tree below, then once again scale the mountain wall up and around to the shrine. The Charm of Ryuujin lets you recover one Kunai after performing a Perfect Dodge.

Shinto Shrine #13 – Scarlet Rock – Charm of Tsukuyomi

Last, but not least, we’re going to the southeast, to central Umugi. This shrine, called Scarlet Rock, is dedicated to the kami of the moon, Tsukuyomi, and you can find it southeast of the Field of the Equinox Flowers. Mercifully, this one is also fairly straightforward; first off, grapple onto the tree branch on the left, then swing onto the scalable wall.

Follow the wall to the left, then swing and hop your way to the right. The end stretch will involve three swings and jumps in a row, and you’ll end up at the door to the shrine. The charm you get for bowing to it gives you additional supplies and ammo from assassinated enemies.

Kamiagata Charm & Shinto Shrine Locations

In Kamiagata, there are three Ghost of Tsushima shinto shrines to visit. As you might expect, the “tradition” of one shinto shrine per region continues here, too; there are three areas in Kamiagata, Sago, Kin, and Jogaku, and each one of them has a shrine. You can see their locations on the map below.

where to find all ghost of tsushima shinto shrine locations

Shinto Shrine #14 – Crane Mountain – Charm of Ikazuchi-no-Kami

The first Kamiagata shinto shrine we’ll be visiting is Crane Mountain, dedicated to Ikazuchi-no-Kami, the kami of lightning. You’ll find Crane Mountain in the area between Fort Kikuchi and Bitter Hills, in the Sago region. As you begin your ascent up the stairs, you’ll come across a broken bridge; a sight you’re probably all too familiar with at this point. To proceed, you have to scale the cliff on your right.

From there, the road is pretty much laid out for you. There’s no way you’ll get lost; just keep an eye out for the next thing you can jump onto or swing off of, and you’re golden. Bow at the shrine, and you’ll get a charm with which perks and abilities that Terrify have a 25% greater chance to occur.

Shinto Shrine #15 – Snowlit Peak – Charm of Takemikazuchi

Next up, we’re going to the far north of the map, to the northeast of Jogaku. Specifically, we’re headed northeast of Mount Jogaku. The staircase to the shrine doesn’t go far, so climb the wall to the right, then squeeze through the gap in the rocks, also on the right. Climb up the boulder on the left, then proceed to your left, and around and up the peak. From there, you can swing across the chasm and onto the next platform.

After that, all you have to do is follow the path of platforms and other such stuff that the developers have laid out for you. Might require some looking around, but nothing major. Once you reach the shrine to Takemikazuchi, the kami of the sword, bow to it. The charm you get from it increases the melee damage you do by a minor amount, for a few seconds after you kill an enemy.

Shinto Shrine #16 – Frost Cliff – Charm of Nigihayahi-no-mikoto

Lastly, we’re heading to the completely different side of the map, to the southeast of Kamiagata and the Kin region. Our goal is the small grouping of islets east of Kin Village. On the tallest peak of these islets, you’ll find the shrine to Nigihayahi-no-mikoto, the kami of the sky. After walking through several torii, you’ come across a burning bridge. What you need to do is head right of the bridge, hop onto the other side, then go down and left, across the tightrope.

After a bit of climbing, you’ll come across another broken bridge. Again, head to the right of the bridge, past the lamp, and keep jumping and climbing until you reach the shrine. Once you bow to it, you’ll get a charm that gives you moderate bonus damage when you’re at full health.

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