Ghost of Tsushima Save For Later or Proceed in Fate of Tsushima

Fate of Tsushima is one of the quests in Ghost of Tsushima. It takes place at the end of Act 2, and before you start it, the game will warn you that it’s a long tale, asking you whether you want to proceed or save it for later. The problem is, it doesn’t tell you what will happen when you pick either of the two. If you’re wondering what are the consequences of this choice, our Fate of Tsushima Save for Later or Proceed guide will explain everything.

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fate of tsushima save for later proceed choice ghost of tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima Save For Later or Proceed in Fate of Tsushima

Fate of Tsushima Save for Later choice

If you choose to save starting the tale for later, you’ll just delay the quest. There’s no consequences here – you’ll simply be allowed to explore, clear Mongol outposts, find collectibles until you decide it’s time to move on.

If you choose to proceed with the quest, you will enter Act 3. This will make you travel to Kamiagata, the third and final map. The downside is that you won’t be able to return to Izuhara and Toyotama immediately afterwards. You might think you’re stuck, but don’t panic – you’ll get your pass shortly after, which means any of the things you’ve missed in the first two areas aren’t lost forever. When you complete the Wolves at The Gate main quest, you’ll be allowed to travel freely over Tsushima once again.

All in all, it’s not really a choice that matters, since there are no actual, far reaching consequences. You’ll have to complete the quest at one point or another, and you’ll be allowed to go back to Izuhara and Toyotama either way. You’ll just lose access to them for a short while, presumably for pacing purposes – can’t have you running around composing haiku when there’s an island that needs saving.


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