Ghost of Tsushima State of Play Video Shows 18 Minutes of Gameplay

During this year’s State of Play, Sony has revealed a long gameplay video for Ghost of Tsushima. It shows us a nicely balanced section of the game, focusing on traversing the island and finding its secrets in the first section, while moving to combat and customization in the second part. And, of course, we get to see just how beautiful Ghost of Tsushima really is in action. While the colors are pretty muted, the game still looks absolutely gorgeous.

Ghost of Tsushima State of Play Video Shows 18 Minutes of Gameplay
Ghost of Tsushima State of Play Video Shows 18 Minutes of Gameplay

The first section of the video revolves around exploration. Specifically, we get to see several methods that we’ll be able to use to navigate Tsushima. For one, our protagonist, Jin Sakai, can summon a gust of wind to point him in the right direction. Also, there are pillars of smoke to keep an eye out for, since they mean that someone (or something) is trying to get your attention. Then, there are foxes that lead you to hidden shrines, and birds that will also show you to points of interest. Best of all, you can pet the foxes. That’s all I need to know.

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In the second part of the video, the focus is on the combat and the wide variety of customization options. There are basically two types of combat; the samurai and the ghost. The samurai is all about different stances and parrying and being precise in head-to-head combat. The ghost, on the other hand, is the ninja, using smoke bombs, firecrackers, and stealthy assassinations. As for the customization, there’s omamori charms that you can equip for different passive and active abilities, as well as various armor pieces that augment Jin, and which yo can dye different colors.

There’s more to the video, of course, such as the promise of the Japanese audio track with subtitles. Add that to the grainy, black-and-white filter, and it starts to feel like you’re playing your own Kurosawa movie. Ghost of Tsushima is coming out on Friday, July 17th, 2020. At the time of writing, it’s going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Naturally, with the launch of the PS5 just over the horizons, I think it’s safe to assume that some kind of remaster might be in the cards. For now, you can enjoy the eighteen-minute gameplay video below.

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