Ghost of Tsushima Undying Flame Mythic Tale

Undying Flame is a mythic tale in Ghost of Tsushima. It takes place in the Kamiagata prefecture, on the last map in the game. When you complete it, you’ll unlock The Way of The Flame, a powerful new technique that sets enemies aflame. The main meat of the quest is scaling a mountain during a blizzard, and you might have trouble doing it. Our Ghost of Tsushima Undying Flame mythic tale guide will help you by showing you the way up Mt Jogaku.

ghost of tsushima undying flame mythic tale
Ghost of Tsushima Undying Flame Mythic Tale

How to start Undying Flame mythic tale?

In order to start the quest, you’ll have to talk to the traveling musician Yamato again. This time, he can be found by a campfire on the crossroads north of Jogaku Temple, on the southwestern slope of Mt Jogaku. If he isn’t there, you’ll have to activate the quest first. This is done by talking to everyone with a speech bubble above their head until you get the rumored location for this mythic tale.

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How to ascend Mt. Jogaku – campfire locations

After Yamato tells you the tale of the rock falling from the sky and the warrior who imbued his sword with its mystic flame, he’ll send you on up the mountain. You’ll have to reach the top, but the way up is treacherous, and the blizzard makes travel almost impossible. As you ascend, you’ll have to dash from campfire to campfire, or else you’ll freeze to death. Ignore all enemies and stay on the path, and you’ll be safe.

Head through the tall grass towards the mountain and climb the cliff on the left. You’ll find the first fireplace there, by the rocks. Head across the bridge and climb up the slope on the right – the second fireplace is there. Continue down that path and jump across the abyss using your grappling hook. Scale the cliff on the left and you’ll reach the third campfire.

Follow the path to the left and climb up the cliff. Jump across the gap and you’ll reach the fourth one – your predecessor will be waiting for you there. This next part can be tricky – the fifth fire isn’t lit, so it’s hard to spot from the distance. Head between the two peaks on the left, and go around the one on the right. Climb the cliff and walk over the felled tree – turn to your left and use the grappling hook to reach the cliff with the camp site.

Walk across the tightrope and use the branch on the right to get to the higher ledge, then grapple across and swing using the branches on the left. Ignite the sixth fireplace and rest. Go past the corpse and use the grappling hook to climb up to the cliff. Follow the path and soon enough you’ll reach your destination.

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