Ghost Recon Breakpoint BattlEye Launcher, Silent 40002, 30086, Crash on Connection, Silent-50001

Errors, crashes, and other problems are happening in Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta. There’s things like the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta not connecting, crashing on connection, issues with the BattlEye launcher, errors such as Silent-40002 and Silent-30086, etc. Some of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta problems you can solve, while others are just not within your reach. We hope we’ll clear some stuff up with our Ghost Recon Breakpoint BattlEye Launcher, Silent 40002, 30086, Crash on Connection error guide.

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint BattleEye Launcher, Silent 40002, 30086, Crash on Connection
Ghost Recon Breakpoint BattlEye Launcher, Silent 40002, 30086, Crash on Connection

Error Silent-50001 – Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Error Moutain-0001D & Error Silent-50001 have begun popping up all over the place in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. What’s happening is that, for whatever reason, the servers have just up and died across all platforms. There doesn’t seem to be anything you can do on your side. You’ll just have to wait until they come back online. God knows how long that might take, but that’s all there is to it. UPDATE: Servers being down has been confirmed by Ubisoft and you can track the issue being resolved through official Ubisoft forums or if you follow @UbisoftSupport on Twitter.

How to Solve BattlEye Launcher File Block Issue in Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta?

If you’re having problems with the BattlEye Launcher blocking files in the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta, it’s likely not the launcher itself that’s causing the problem. Instead, it’s your version of Windows. Namely, if you’re participating in Windows Insider, BattlEye can experience hiccups. Breakpoint isn’t the only game with these issues; The Crew 2 and R6: Siege are also problematic.

Unfortunately, the only way to solve this issue is to roll back to a release version of Windows. Put plainly, Ubisoft does not support preview versions of Windows. And, well, they can’t really be expected to. So, yeah; if you have an Insider version of Windows, you’ll have to go back to a released version, and this issue should go away.

There’s some more troubleshooting you can do. For one, check if your firewall and / or antivirus don’t block files that BattlEye uses; BEService.exe and BEService64.exe, to be precise. The default path to these files is C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye folder.

Another thing to do is check if BattlEye can run with administrator rights on your rig. To do so, right-click on the BattlEye Launcher executable, then go into Properties. Select Compatibility, and check the Run this program as an administrator box. Click OK to apply the changes, and you should be good to go.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta Silent-1000B Error – What to Do?

Error Silent-1000B in the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta is a connection issue that people across the world have been experiencing. As far as we know, there is no solution that you can attempt on your end. This has to do with the servers, so it’s all on Ubisoft. In essence, it seems to be similar in nature to the Silent-30086. The key difference being that, with Silent-30086, the servers are simply not live yet, while Silent-1000B means server problems, as far as we can tell. So, there’s nothing to do but wait for Ubisoft to address the issue. If you know of some way to fix the Silent-1000B error, please share with us in the comments and help everyone out.

GR Breakpoint Beta Silent-30086 Error – What to Do?

If you encounter the Silent-30086 error when trying to access the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta, what you should do is be patient. What this error means is that the servers are not up. So, there really isn’t anything you can do on your end, other than wait for them to come back online. Once they do, you still might have to restart the game in order for everything to start working. Other than that, you’ll just have to stay put, or go make a sandwich or something.

Silent-40002 Error – How to Fix in Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta?

To fix the Silent-40002 error that you might encounter in the beta of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you have to reset your router, and possibly restart your Xbox One / PS4. This is a connection issue of some description, and the trusty ole “turn it off and back on again” should clear the situation right up. If not, well, contact support and hope for the best.

Below are the ports you need for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint:

TCP: 80, 443
UDP: 3074, 4000-4050, 9103

Xbox One
TCP: 80, 443
UDP: 1000, 4000-4050, 9103

TCP: 80, 443
UDP: 3658, 4000-4050, 9103

Ubisoft posted on their official Ghost Recon: Breakpoint – Connectivity troubleshooting guide

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta Crashing Issue

A number of people have been reporting that the beta of Breakpoint has been crashing after a while, sometimes as brief as a couple of seconds. Others also have problems with the game crashing on connection. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about this; it’s the game’s fault. This is a beta after all, and some teething problems are gonna happen. This is a known issue, and, other than contacting support, there’s nothing to do. Maybe keep restarting and hope for the best.

While we’re on the subject, a warning for those of you running the game on Windows 7 with a 1080p or 2K monitor. If you change resolution options in the in-game settings, Breakpoint will crash if you try to revert to defaults upon rebooting the game. So, keep that in mind.

How to Fix Mountain-0071 Error & Not Connecting Issue in Breakpoint Beta?

To fix the Mountain-0071 error in the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta, hit Triangle or Y or whatever your equivalent is when you load the game. Then, sign out, and hit the same button. Sign back into the game, and that should fix the problem. Not necessarily for good; you might encounter this error again. However, going through this process should get rid of it every time.

Interestingly, the same thing can also fix the issue of the beta refusing to connect. Just go through the sign out – sign back in rigmarole with Triangle / Y / whatever. Repeat the process as necessary, and that should have you in the game fairly quickly.

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  1. R

    Why is the beta always updating I have had to start my xbox and router twice now in the space of 1 hour. What is this silent-40002 I’m sorry but I know your still sorting links out but really I pre ordered the game so I expect to be able to actually play the beta,

    1. S

      Im having the same problem I also pre ordered ghost recon breakpoint ultimate edition for xbox one and i’ve been waiting all week to actually be able to play the beta and now I can’t even log in at all and I keep getting the same error as you rebecca silent-40002 honestly this is kinda pathetic considering that the beta is only available for so many days and now this error keeps happening is just wasting our chance to play this awesome game!

    2. J

      I’m having the same problem did you get it resolved yet?

  2. J
    Jake Borrelli

    SILENT-40002 is haunting me.

    Please don’t post saying its a network issue. This is not a network issue, restarting your router has no correlation.

  3. D

    My battle eye was crashing because of an installed reshader running. The games de saturated and not sharp at all. Apparently battle eye flags the reshader and crashes the game on launch. Disabling the reshader fixed it in my case.

    Stupid suggestion to roll back windows i’m on the newest windows patch. and no ones going to go threw that nonsense to get a beta running.

    1. R

      You say it is a stupid suggestion, but it is not. It is the correct solution for the issue. You say you are using “the newest” release of Windows. That is not the issue. The issue is for people using the NEXT releases of windows (the windows insider program). Maybe think about what you can do to not look stupid before you say something is stupid. It will help you not look stupid.

  4. J

    So annoying! The game seems awesome which makes it more frustrating! I hope it’s a bug that gets resolved quickly!!

  5. S

    I keep getting SILENT-1000B when I try play it on Xbox one

  6. M

    I waited 6 hours and again again [ERROR] Silent-30086
    Yes go make a sandwich and drink 1 million redbull

  7. J

    I saw a few youtubers say the severs should be up at this time today but seems not. Whats the time they are being opened?

  8. L

    It should be live once the servers start working.

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