Ghost Recon Breakpoint Where To Find Car After Buying It in Shop

Vehicles are a big part of Ghost Recon Wildlands. You’ll use them to get across the map more quickly, but also to help in your assaults. You can snatch them from enemies, silently steal them away from parking spots, or even buy them from a specialized vendor. Some players are having issues with the store bought cars and how to get them after purchase. If you’re one of them, this guide is going to show you where to find car after buying it in the shop in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

ghost recon breakpoint where to find car after buy in shop
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Where To Find Car After Buying It in Shop

How to get car you bought in the shop

You’ll get plenty of cars by exploring the map and simply taking them when nobody’s looking, but some are only available through the shop. Also, you might want a specific model right now, instead of hoping to find it during a mission further on down the road. The shop will allow you to spend cash in order to acquire vehicles.

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Once you’ve bought a car, it won’t magically show up after the purchase. You’ll have to go to a camp. They’re marked on the map with tent icons. Once you reach one – and you can fast travel there if you’re in a rush – deploy the bivouac. You’ll have several options presented to you, but you’re only interested in the garage right now. Select it (it’s the rightmost icon), and you’ll open up a database of all your vehicles. Choose the type and model, then break camp, and the car will be waiting for you.

If you’re playing in a team with other flesh and blood players, keep in mind that your team can only have one vehicle. It will always be the last one any of the members has chosen to deploy.

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