Ghost Recon Breakpoint Wolf Base Locations

Wolf Base locations in Ghost Recon Breakpoint are outposts that you can liberate in the game. There’s quite the number of Ghost Recon Breakpoint Wolf Outposts scattered across the map. You can notice them if you mouse over their locations, and look below the name of the camp to see if it says Wolves. If you’re having trouble finding the Wolf Camps, then our Ghost Recon Breakpoint Wolf Base Locations guide is the place for you.

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Wolf Base Locations
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Wolf Base Locations

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll keep adding further locations as we find them.

Where to Find Wolf Bases in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

To find Wolf Bases in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, there’s a number of locations that you should visit, scattered all over the map. We can start with Outpost Green Viper. It’s in the hills in the south of the Infinity area. Look south of Hanged Man Wood, northeast of Dark Wood.

wolf outpost where to find in ghost recon breakpoint green viper outpost where to find

From there, we head to the north, to the (relative) center of Smuggler Coves. We’re looking for Outpost Red Tiger. You can find this Wolf Base east of Discovery Mountain, on the west bank of Lake Clearwater.

wolf base locations ghost recon breakpoint where to find outpost red tiger

Our third location is going to be the Red Viper Outpost. You can find it in the north-northeast of the Lake Country area, in the mountains east of Blackwater Lake, which is the northernmost lake in the region. The Wolf Camp is just to the northeast of Broken Hill, if you need another orientation point.

breakpoint wolf camp locations red viper where to find

We head now to the west of New Argyll. Go to Lismore Shelf, and you’ll find Outpost Black Tiger in the mountainous region. In the zoomed-out map, you can find the Wolf Camp just to the north of the letter N in New Argyll.

new argyll wolf camp outpost black tiger location ghost recon breakpoint

Next up, we’re gonna head to Camp Tiger, one of the most imaginatively-named Wolf Camps in the game. You can find it on the large island in the east of Sinking Country. It’s the one that’s kinda bird-shaped, and the camp is in the south of the island.

tiger camp wolf outpost location ghost recon breakpoint where to find

Then, we have the Blue Viper Outpost. You can find it in the north of New Stirling. You can find it to the east of Forsyth Fields, near the coast, next to the road.

where to find grb wolf outpost blue viper
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