Ghost Recon Wildlands Full Map Closed Beta Glitch

Ghost Recon Wildlands has its share of glitches, like any game in Beta. Fortunately, you can use some of these bugs to your advantage. Thanks to one of them, you’ll have the ability to visit the closed-off part of the map. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get full map access in Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta Full Map Glitch
Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta Full Map Glitch

How to access complete map in Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta

If you try to leave the limits of the map in the Wildlands Closed Beta, you’ll immediately get the “Return to Area of Operations” message. If you ignore it, the game will forcibly return you. Or, in other words, you’ll die and respawn back in the “proper” area. However, YouTuber Monsieuryves Cantinella found a glitch that will allow you to leave the confines and stay there.

To trigger this glitch, you’ll have to go to a specific point on the map. In the southeastern corner, there is a part where the map narrows. Go to the northeastern part of that section.

Once there, you’ll notice a river that you’ll have to cross. Once you start crossing the river, you’ll immediately get the order to go back. You’ll want to be fast, so you should get into a boat. Head a little to the right until you see the little purple marker on the minimap across the river, or any other place where there are enemies.

Once you find an enemy cluster across the river, hurry over to them. You can even throw a grenade at them to confuse them. Run over and complete a melee attack or takedown on them. This should trigger the glitch, and you’ll be able to explore the rest of the map freely. You’ll still have the “Return to Area of Operations” message, but who cares?

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