Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP Mode Detailed in New Video

Ubisoft has released a new video for Ghost Recon Wildlands, in order to give us the first glimpse of the game’s upcoming PvP mode, Ghost War. The video has a bit of gameplay footage, but it’s mostly just lead game designer Lucian Istrate talking about what to expect from the update. What’s most important is that it’s going to be free, with a beta test later this summer.

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ghost recon wildlands pvp details
Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP info

The beta will be available on all platforms, but we don’t know exactly when it’ll start. The update will roll out during the fall, so the beta has to happen before that. As for the PvP mode itself, it’s going to be a 4v4 team deathmatch – nothing too exciting, but a welcome addition to a game without any PvP. It’s going to be class based, with large open maps and a bunch of new features specifically made for it.

Part of the challenge will be assembling a team with a good class spread. You know everyone will want to play sniper initially. That’s just how these things go. They’ll soon be dissuaded by the sound marker system, which makes sniper nests light up like Christmas trees. The game will allow you to upgrade your fighters between matches, but we’re not sure whether this means persistent perks or something else entirely.

Istrate also mentions a “suppresion system” in the video, but he doesn’t elaborate on it. It’s unclear what exactly suppression with entail, except blurring the view of the suppresee and throwing up a blinking sign to let them know they are being suppressed.

He doesn’t mention the number of maps, but he does talk about different environments, like jungles, deserts, mountains and forests. He also mentions time of day as a factor, which is always nice to see.

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