Cliffside Ruins Legendary Chest God of War Ragnarok

The God of War Ragnarok Cliffside Ruins Legendary Chest is without a doubt one of the trickiest to reach. However, the reward will be well worth your time and effort! In our guide, we explain how to reach the Cliffside Ruins Legendary Chest in God of War Ragnarok. This includes how to break gold rocks, how to reach the platform, and how to lower the drawbridge. Finally, we explain why Freya says that “Sigil Arrows Won’t Work on This”.

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Cliffside Ruins Legendary Chest God of War Ragnarok
How to reach the Legendary Chest in Cliffside Ruins

How to Get to the Cliffside Ruins Legendary Chest in God of War Ragnarok

While not a requirement to beat the game, finding every possible legendary chest in GoW Ragnarok will definitely make things both easier and more interesting. Among many other useful things, these chests contain Light and Heavy Runic Attacks. And the very first Heavy Runic Attack in the game – Mists of Nelheim – can be found at the Cliffside Ruins. However, it will not be easy to get it.

As you travel across the swampy river delta of Vanaheim, in the Cliffside Ruins area you’ll spot a chest sitting on a seemingly low platform above the water. It looks easily reachable at first. However, it is surrounded by swampy water and there’s no path to reach it from the surface level. You’ll also see a drawbridge, which is pulled up from the other side, and you can’t lower it from your current location. When trying to use Freya’s Sigil Arrows to destroy gold rocks on the other side, she’ll say that “Sigil Arrows Won’t Work on This”. The thing is, it will work, but not from that far away. Here’s what you need to do.

GOW Ragnarok How to Reach the Legendary Chest in Cliffside Ruins

What you need to do is leave the Cliffside Ruins area and head back to Goddess Falls. At the position pinpointed on our map below, you will find a littoral cave entrance. Pass it and you’ll discover a hidden region called The Veiled Passage. Inside, you’ll find items needed to complete the Mysterious Orb favour. From there, just follow the natural path to the other side. There will be some goodies, some enemies, and some traps, but nothing too hard for you to handle.

Eventually, you’ll reach the other side of the platform with the drawbridge. Lower the drawbridge and ask Freya to position Sigil Arrows so that they connect with the flame pots below the gold stones. Now blast the Sigils with your blades to explode them, and they will destroy the yellow stones! And now you can finally reach the God of War Ragnarok Legendary Chest in Cliffside Ruins! Open it, and inside, you’ll find the Mists of Helheim Axe Heavy Runic Attack inside.

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