Dragon Beach Nornir Chest Solution God of War Ragnarok

Not sure how to open the Dragon Beach Nornir Chest in God of War Ragnarok? You’ve come to the right place! Scattered across the realms are Nornir Chests which we know from the first game. Some are rather easy to solve and unlock, while others pose a solid challenge. And when it comes to the Rune Chest on the Dragon Beach, many players don’t know where to find all three rune seals. In this guide, we will help you find all three runes to unlock the Dragon Beach Nornir Chest in GoW Ragnarok.

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Dragon Beach Nornir Chest Solution God of War Ragnarok

How to Open Dragon Beach Nornir Chest in God of War Ragnarok

Like with most Nornir Chests in the game, in order to open them you’ll need to break a couple of seals with runes written on them, corresponding to those written on the chest. Sounds easy enough on paper, but these tasks usually have two components – one is to locate the runes, other is to break them. And when it comes to the Dragon Beach Nornir Chest, players usually have a problem finding the last one. Worry not, as here you’ll find a solution for all three runes. The runes resemble Latin letters “R”, “Y”, and “F”. And, here’s where you can find them.

Dragon Beach Rune Locations

  • Y Rune – This one is right behind the Nornir Chest on Dragon Beach. What you need to do is to use your Axe to freeze the geyser behind the chest. This will reveal the rune. Remember its position, or simply position the cursor on top of it, and then recall the axe. Now hurl the axe towards the Rune to break the seal.
  • R Rune – This one is probably the trickiest. Not because it’s hard, but because it has a red herring in the form of another geyser. The rune is behind a Dragon statue to the right of the chest. However, the geyser and the gate behind it have nothing to do with it. Rather, you’ll need to head right from the Dragon statue and hit the rune with your axe from that angle. Check our screenshot for the exact position.
  • F Rune – Finally, the last rune is the easiest one. It’s right behind a geyser near the water, between some wooden spikes (or huge bones?). Just like before, freeze the geyser to spot the rune and use the axe to break the seal.
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