Fruits of Industry Treasure Map Location & Solution God of War Ragnarok

Not sure where to find the God of War Ragnarok buried treasure in Modvitnir’s Rig? We’ve got you covered! Treasure Maps are back in GoW Ragnarok and hunting them is as fun as ever before! This guide will explain where to find the Fruits of Industry Treasure Map. Read on to learn the solution for the Modvitnir’s Rig buried treasure location.

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Fruits of Industry Treasure Map Location & Solution God of War Ragnarok
GoW Ragnarok Modvitnir’s Rig buried treasure location

God of War Ragnarok Fruits of Industry Treasure Map Location

You’ll find the Fruits of Industry Treasure Map in the Alberich Hollow sub-region of Svartalfheim. At one point, you encounter an Elder Wayfarer Spirit. He has died trying to reach a treasure chest and he’ll ask you to help him learn about his son’s destiny. Apparently, he thinks that his son is still there, near the chest, despite being dead for quite some time. Accept the Lost Treasure favour, and follow the path through the caves and gorges until your reach a cliff. You’ll need to beat a few enemies, but nothing too problematic. Eventually, at the top of the cliff, you’ll find the chest and the Treasure Map. Check out our images below for more details.

Description: My treasures are too precious to let fall into the hands of the Aesir. I lay them beneath the machine that brought them to me, in the hopes that Asgard is too proud to go sniffing around where its workers break their backs.

Fruits of Industry Buried Treasure Solution in God of War Ragnarok

Now that we have the map, where can we find this treasure? The good news is that it’s not that far. We’re still in Svartalfheim, just on the other side of the lake. You’ll need to reach Modvitnir’s Rig by boat. There’s a boat deck on the beach there, so grab your rowboat and head there. We’ve pinpointed the exact location on our map below. You’ll recognize the location by a huge mining rig and other heavy machinery. This rig can be seen from afar when sailing. Once there, simply climb the platform with a rune on the stone wall. You’ll have to beat a monster there. And after that, you’ll find your Fruits of Industry buried treasure there, and that’s it!

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