Mining Glory Treasure Map Location & Solution God of War Ragnarok

Looking for the Mining Glory Treasure Map location? Not sure where to find the buried treasure in Applecore, Svartalfheim? We’ve got you covered! With God of War Ragnarok, many familiar mechanics are back from the original game. Including fun collectables, such are Treasure Maps. During your adventure, you’ll stumble upon many of these maps, pointing you towards a buried treasure. In this guide, we explain where to find the Mining Glory Treasure Map, and offer a solution to where to find the Mining Glory buried treasure.

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Mining Glory Treasure Map Location & Solution God of War Ragnarok
GoW Ragnarok Svartalfheim Treasure Map

God of War Ragnarok Mining Glory Treasure Map Location

The Treasure Map itself is located in the Nidavellir region of Svartalfheim. That’s fairly early in the game. However, in order to reach it, you’ll need to acquire the Draupnir Spear, which happens much deeper into the story. Once you have the spear, use it as explained in our separate guide here. Basically, you’ll need to stick it into a steamy vent, jump on a platform where the legendary chest is, and you’ll find the map to the right from the chest. Check our screenshots below for more information.

Mining Glory Treasure Map Solution in God of War Ragnarok

“Description: Oh, how deep a Dwarf can dig. Whether the profound and fertile soil of their imagination or the lode-rich mines of beloved Svartalfheim, the greatest treasures await those willing to venture to the greatest depths…”

Now that you have the map, where to find the buried treasure? The map description points toward the Dwarven Mines of Svartalfheim. The picture clearly depicts some locations deep into the mines. Thus, we should go to the mines! Head to the Applecore sub-region of Svartalfheim, as that’s where you’ll find the Mining Glory buried treasure. Enter the mines and descend down the cave. At one point, you’ll encounter Miklimunnr. Finish this boss fight by slaying the troll and continue going down. The path is pretty much straightforward, there are a few environmental obstacles, but nothing complicated.

At one point the area will start transitioning to damp caves with the rays of the sun breaking through the cracks, signalling that we’ve come close to the other side – The Aurvangar Wetlands! Continue slipping through narrow crevices and bridges until you reach the area below. And that’s it, that’s where you will find the Mining Glory Treasure Map solution and the Svartalfheim buried treasure location. Check out our images above for more details.

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