Nine Realms Flowers Locations God of War Ragnarok

In our Nine Realms Flowers Locations God of War Ragnarok guide, we are going to show you where to find all the nine Flowers for the Nine Realms in Bloom Favor. There is one flower for each realm you can visit. The problem is that none of them are in easy-to-reach places. So, with that said, here’s where you are going to find them all.

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nine realms flowers locations god of war ragnarok
Nine Realms Flowers Locations God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok Nine Realms in Bloom Flowers Locations

The first of nine God of War Ragnarok Nine Realms in Bloom Flowers locations we found was in Svartalfheim; in the town of Nidavellir, to be more exact. In the place we’ve given you below, there’s a smokestack of sorts that’s letting of steam on the side. Huck the Draupnir Spear into that hole. You can then use it to swing yourself onto the other side, where you’ll find the Sparkthorn flower.

nine realms in bloom flowers locations god of war ragnarok svartalfheim
Svartalfheim Sparkthorn flower location

The second Flower we found was in Alfheim. It’s in the southeastern corner of the Forbidden Sands area (The Burrows, to be more precise). When you get there, you’ll see a small zone that’s kinda fenced off. It has an entrance, though, and the flower will be to your left when you go inside the fenced part. Do climb the nearby ledge, though; there’s other collectibles to find.

where to find nine realms in bloom flowers god of war ragnarok
Alfheim Dawnbloom flower location

The third God of War Ragnarok Nine Realms in Bloom Flowers location we’ve bumped into was in Niflheim. It’s in the southern corner of the Aesir Prison Wreckage, on the first floor. All you need to do to get it is to lift the gate barring your way towards it. In general, I’d recommend peering into every single inch of the prison, since there’s a lot of stuff to find (and enemies to fight).

niflheim flower location god of war ragnarok nine realms in bloom
Niflheim Dreamshade flower location

Flower #4 is in the frozen, green realm of Helheim. East of Shipyard of the Fallen is a small area called Hel’s Perch. There’s a part of the wall, as shown in the screenshot below, that has a hole in it. Throw the spear into the hole and use it to get to the other side. You’ll find the flower next to a corpse.

how to get helheim flower realms in bloom god of war ragnarok
Helheim Soulblossom flower location

This article is a work in progress. We’ll add more Flower locations as we discover them.

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