God of War Ragnarok Geyser Puzzle in Aurvangar Wetlands

While the God of War series is best known for its bombastic action and emotional story, it also has its fair share of puzzles as well. God of War Ragnarok is, of course, no different in this regard. And though most of the puzzles in this game can usually be solved very quickly, there are a couple that stand out due to their difficulty. The God of War Ragnarok Geyser Puzzle in Aurvangar Wetlands is one such series of puzzles, and it consists of a Wheel Puzzle and two Geyser Puzzles. If you are struggling with solving Geyser Puzzle and opening River Gate in Svartalfheim, we have the solution for all of them right here.

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River Gate Geyser Puzzle in Aurvangar Wetlands God of War Ragnarok
River Gate Geyser Puzzle in Aurvangar Wetlands God of War Ragnarok

River Gate Wheel Puzzles in Aurvangar Wetlands God of War Ragnarok

Kratos will encounter a giant wheel in the Aurvangar Wetlands, Svartalfheim. To solve this first Svartalfheim Wheel River Gate Puzzle, all you need to do is to climb up to the wooden structure near it and then approach the wheel from there. You will see that there is a red symbol on it. You can use your Blades of Chaos to move the wheel. After that, you’ll then be able to proceed through. Now, on to the two Svartalfheim geyser puzzles.

Use Blades of Chaos to lower the wheel.

God of War Ragnarok River Gate Geyser Puzzle in Aurvangar Wetlands

Once you get there, you will see that there are two geysers, side by side. The higher one is open, while the lower one is closed. Start by opening the lower one first. After that, climb the rocks near it so that you have a clear view of the higher geyser. Throw your axe at it to freeze it. This will cause the lower geyser to have a stronger water flow and move the wheel, thus clearing your way forward.

Freeze the higher geyser with your Axe.

The third and final Svartalfheim River Gate Puzzle is also the most difficult to solve. Once you get there, go to where Atreus is standing. Throw your axe at the chain holding the block in place and approach the chain. Pull it. Now you’re looking for another chain to lower the rest of the gate. Jump across to the other side of the pier and freeze the shooting water with your Axe. Pass through here and on the other side you will see two more geysers, just like from the second puzzle.

What you need to do is to freeze the two geysers (including the one you froze so you could get there) so that the geyser below the wheel can start moving in. This will cause the block to lower down. Use your Axe to cut down the rope holding the block. Go to the block and climb up it. Throw your Axe on the geyser there. The water pressure will now lift you up to where the second chain is. Pull it to lower the gate and complete the puzzle.

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