God of War How and Where to Change Resurrection Stones

Resurrection stones are the only consumables in God of War. These stones act like an extra life. Using the God of War Resurrection Stones can prolong your fight against tougher enemies. Once used, they will disappear from your inventory, and you’ll have to buy them again. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock & swap Resurrection Stones in God of War.

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God of War Resurrection Stones
God of War How and Where to Change Resurrection Stones

Swapping Resurrection Stones Without Dying in God of War

As you might’ve figure out, the stones are one-time use items. If you die in combat, and use Atreus to bring you back with the help of a Resurrection Stone, it will be removed from your inventory. Afterwards, you can return to the shop and get a new Resurrection Stone. But, what if you have one stone already, and you want to swap it with a different one?

To change Resurrection Stones in God of War, you need to go back to the shop. Once at the shop, go to the Sell tab, and scroll to Resurrection Stones. This will give you the option to sell the stone you already have. Once you sell that Resurrection Stone, you can buy a new one from the Buy tab. It will automatically go to your inventory, just like the first one.

How to Unlock All God of War Resurrection Stones

Just like most of the things in God of War, the resurrection stones unlock by progressing through the main story line. There are three types of them, and other than reviving you, they also give you an additional bonus.

Simple Resurrection Stone – The first resurrection stone is common, and you unlock it when you get to Brok’s Shop at the center of the Lake of Nine for the first time. From this moment on, you can buy this stone from any shop for 1.000 Hacksilver. You can sell it for the half the price, 500 Hacksilver. It allows you to revive Kratos from death with a small amount of health.

Superior Resurrection Stone – The second-tier Resurrection Stone in God of War is rare, and it becomes available when you reach the Mountain top for the first time. This one is a bit more expensive; it costs 5.000 Hacksilver, and you can sell it for 2.500. Once used, it revives Kratos from death with a large amount of health.

Berserker’s Resurrection Stone is the legendary one, and it costs 10.000 Hacksilver. It becomes available in the shop once you progress through story far enough to get the second weapon. This stone not only revives Kratos with a small amount of health, it also gives him full rage. It sells for 5.000 Hacksilver.

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