God of War New Game+ Mode First Details Revealed

The developers over at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio are working on bringing New Game+ to God of War. It has no set release date, but they’ll be releasing more details as the launch comes closer. What we do know is that it will work largely like all New Game+ modes do: the game will get quite a bit harder, but you’ll keep all of your armor, axe upgrades, talismans, and other stuff you’ve earned to have a fighting chance.

God of War New Game+ Mode First Details Revealed
God of War New Game+ Mode First Details Revealed

It seems that the majority of the gaming community, reviewers and players alike, consider God of War to be one of the best games of all time. However, that’s not to say that people haven’t been asking the developers for stuff that they felt the game was lacking. One of the things that gamers have been clamoring for is the New Game+ mode in God of War. And, to be fair, the game could have used New Game+ right from the start.

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Well, the developers have heard your prayers, and they’re working on bringing you God of War New Game+. According to a post on PlayStation Blog, the new mode will arrive to the game “via a patch at a later date.” The post doesn’t reveal too much about New Game+, since more information will be coming later down the line, closer to the launch of New Game+. What we do know is that ” New Game+ won’t just be a sunny stroll through Midgard.” In other words, expect that the game will kick your ass significantly more than in the first playthrough. How exactly it can get even tougher than Give Me God of War mode I don’t know, and dread to imagine.

Now, this isn’t to say that you’ll be defenseless in New Game+, as a lot of your upgrades will carry over from your initial playthrough. This includes your armor and Leviathan Axe upgrades. So, you’ll be able to pummel some draugr in Valkyrie Armor and a full-power axe right of the bat. Also carrying over are talismans and other stuff that you’ve had after completing the last main quest in the first playthrough. That’s all we know for now; we’ll make sure to update you with further details as they come out.

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