God of War Release Date Possibly Leaked on PlayStation Store

The release date of the new God of War might have been leaked on the PlayStation Store recently. The date has since been replaced with a placeholder date, but not before several people managed to snag a screenshot. If this leak is true, and we can’t say for sure that it is, then we can expect to see God of War in late March of 2018.

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God of War Release Date Possibly Leaked on PlayStation Store
God of War Release Date Possibly Leaked on PlayStation Store

Somebody might have been a little to trigger-happy over at the PlayStation Store. As Wario64 over on Twitter managed to capture, for a short while, God of War had a set release date. Over at the ResetEra, user HeisenbergWW62 posted their own screenshot. In both images, the release date is the same: March 22nd, 2018. This would fit perfectly with the previous announcements, marking the release window for Q1 2018. Of course, the PlayStation Store quickly replaced this with the traditional placeholder date of December 31st, 2018.

Now, of course, the listing of March 22nd 2018 could have been a fluke, so we absolutely can’t say for certain if this is the legit release date. That being said, most major titles from the God of War franchise came out in mid to late March. In fact, the first game in the franchise came out in March 22, 2005. Not that that means anything; just an interesting thing to mention. In the interest of fairness, it’s also worth mentioning that March 22nd is going to be a Thursday. That’s a fairly weird day for a game to launch. Then again, Destiny 2 launched on a Wednesday, so I guess anything goes.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: the God of War fandom is abuzz, and the hype train is getting ready to leave the station. Perhaps we’ll learn more at the PlayStation Experience event this weekend.

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