Grenade Launcher

There are multiple locations in GTA 5 where you can find Grenade Launcher. We marked some of them on the map bellow and we have screenshots for each location as well as this weapon’s stats.
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NameGrenade Launcher
Fire Rate

Available Weapon Upgrades

Name Specifications Cost
50 rounds $20
GripGives stability$320
Provides illumination $462
Zoom $1,312
Desert sand color $100
Black color Default
Metallic blue color $600

Grenade Launcher Location Screenshots

NoteThis Granade Launcher is located inside airplane hangar at Los Santos International Airport. You’ll find it at the end of a long hangar’s catwalk at the second floor. Picking up this weapon is extremely hard due to a fact that police does not approve your appearance at the Airport. Since they respond quickly, as you walk toward the Grenade Launcher they will already be at the hangar’s entrance. You can do couple of things to save your character from certain death. Acquiring Helicopter as getaway vehicle is perfect. You can enter the airport from it’s south side and trigger wanted level as you land with helicopter in front of the hangar, and quickly run away after taking the launcher. Jump into the Helicopter and fly away, leaving police cars far behind.

If you, however, decide to reach this weapon in a car, you should first get to know your escape route, hangar position, and Los Santos International Airport entrance ramp. Drive the car up to the stairs at the back of the hangar room. At this point you should have armor as well, since you are going to be under heavy fire. Fire back if it’s needed while you run back to your getaway vehicle. From here everything depends on your driving skills.
NoteThis Grenade Launcher is far easier to obtain then the one at Los Santos International Airport. There is, however, a tricky approach as it can be found at the top of the Bridge’s arch. You can not reach the top of the arch by simply walking to it. Slope is too big. The only way to reach it is by using a motorcycle and it’s power, or by parachuting down at this very point (good luck with that). As always, there are not many motorcycles near the bridge when you need them, and if you are not a fan of the game cheats, you should find one motorcycle before reaching this point, and save your precious time.

Map Locations for Grenade Launcher

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