Jerry Can

There are multiple locations in GTA 5 where you can find Jerry Can. We marked some of them on the map bellow and we have screenshots for each location as well as this weapon’s stats.
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NameJerry Can
Fire Rate

Jerry Can Location Screenshots

NoteJerry Cans are found at Gas stations. This one specifically at gas station in Richman Glen. Although Jerry Can does not have ammunition charges, you will eventually come to the point where your character will simply drop Jerry Can, and you need to find it again, if you still want to use it.
NoteGasoline Station where you can find this Jerry Can is at Grapeseed. It is just next to a gas pump, close to the gas station entrance. On purpose or not, who knows…
NoteBetween the gas pumps of a closed gas station at Sandy Shores, you can find Jerry Can. There is a big sign Market above them.
NoteAnother closed gas station with a working 24/7 supermarket nearby. This time Jerry can is not next to a gas pump, but rather beside the corner of the building. There is a big sign “Farl’s Mini-Mart” above it.
NoteBeside the gas pump, at closed gas station, Grand Senora Desert, you can collect Jerry Can. There is a big sign “Cafe” above them. This gas station is west from nearby Lost Santos Customs, Property, Binco Clothing and etc.
NoteBetween two gas pumps, at gas station in Little Seoul, Lindsay Circus, you can grab this Jerry Can. This is one huge gas station, you really can not miss it.
NoteYou can find this Jerry Can, at the gas station, next to a pillar, between two gas pumps, at Davis, Groove Street. This gas pump is easily noticeable as it lies at the corner of nearby streets, next to a mall.
NoteThis Jarry Can can be found at a gas station, Northeastern Mount Chiliad. Just east from here there is a 24/7 Supermarket.

Map Locations for Jerry Can

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