GTA 5 Mission 1 – Prologue Guide

Prolog is the first mission in GTA 5 where you get used to different game controls. The mission starts at a bank, where you should join your friends in the bank robbery.
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Your first task is to take the hostages into the back room by pointing your weapon at them. After that, use your phone, call number “detonate” to activate a bomb. Enter the safe, and follow a small hallway, which leads you to the money. During the escape, a guard will pull down your mask, and you’ll have to take him down by switching the characters

When the cops arrive take cover and shoot them down. Try to find a car and get in (basic controls will show up). Stay on the road and don’t take any shortcuts or the mission will end.
Soon, you will be ambushed by police patrols. Defend your fallen friends until tutorial ends.


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