GTA 5 Mission 13a – BZ Gas Grenades Guide

BZ Gas Grenades Gold Medal Objectives

Loose CargoShoot at the rear Humane’s van door to release the cargo
CompletionGold 100%

BZ Gas Grenades is the second preparing mission for the first heist. You’ll receive it when you complete mission “Casing the Jewel Store” and choose smart heist approach at its end.
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The first preparing mission before this one is the Bugstairs Equipment.

Steal the Humane van or its cargo

There are several ways of stealing Humane van or its cargo. Since this van is at the highway, the easiest approach is to ram it to its right side, and guide it toward the highway railing. This should stop the van at once.The Gold Medal’s task requires successfully shooting at the rear of the truck, until doors open and release the cargo. If you choose to pick up the cargo, loosing the caps could come as additional task.

At the end of this mission, a next mission called “The Jewel Store Job” starts automatically.


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