GTA 5 Mission 14 – The Jewel Store Job Guide

GTA 5 Mission 14: The Jewel Store Job Objectives

Quick GrabSteal the jewelry within 50 seconds
Protege ProtectedProtect Franklin during the chase at Los Santos East Vinewood River
Clean SweepSteal the jewelry from all 20 cabinets
CompletionGold 100%

The Jewel Store Job is the first heist mission. It comes after the two preparation missions, after the main “Casing the Jewel Store” where you choose heist approach (smart or loud).
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Go to the jewelry store

We know where this store is. Let’s get our money!

Go to the roof, Throw BZ gas into the air vent.

Get Franklin to the position from where you had taken pictures, select BZ gas, and target small yellow marked area above vent. This trigger Micheal point of view.

Steal the Jewelry

There are 20 in total Jewelry cabinets. Grabbing all jewelers counts toward the completion task “Clean Sweep”, steal as much as you can under 50 seconds counts toward the completion task “Quick Grab”.

Note: Since you have a short timer on collecting jewels, you should grab them all as fast as possible. In order to do it efficiently pay attention on bottom left mini map, where you can track remaining jewelry cabinets. This can be of great assistance, since running through stores like kids in candy shop is not an option.
Choosing a better hacker, like the one in mission “Casing the Jewel Store” provides more time for stealing before cops are alerted.

Follow the crew.

Drive through narrow tunnels, and cops will not follow there. Since you are playing as Franklin, you can use his special ability to drive more carefully.

Take out the Cops before getting to the rendezvous point.

It seams that Micheal has fun time crashing out the cops cars with his van. At the first contact with cops, they’ll stop following you. Successfully protecting Franklin at his motorcycle rewards “Protege Protected” at the end of mission.

Go to the lockup.

At the of this mission you’ll receive data about who earn how much money.


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