1. R

    im lvl 47 and it don’t spawn for me :c

    1. T

      I have not tested all the locations but as of Nov 17th 2015 It seems to be a legit map, I do know that you have to be a level to unlock the plains / helicopters and by the looks level 50 is the last one to unlock I am level 42 lol the answer to everything XD anyhow and the buzzard spawns at the navel base, you can walk rate in and take it they don’t seem to care.

      1. N
        Niko Bellic

        No, you get a 4 star wanted level for going into fort zancudo.

        1. S

          unless you own a hanger in it

          1. G
            GosU Noob

            U can own hangars in fort zancudo

          2. G
            GosU Noob

            I mean it as a question

  2. R

    Yes you can and thats the reason why “three” as he says, can walk unattended into San cudo, cuz if not I’ll guarantee you get 5 stars instantly.

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