How to Unlock Dr. Dre VIP Contract GTA 5 Online

Dr. Dre has arrived in GTA 5 Online, and many players are wondering how to start his VIP contract. These contracts are part of the new DLC. While Dre is currently the only celebrity mission available, others may be on their way. The reward for completing the mission is pretty sizeable, so it is well worth your time. Read on as we discuss how to start the Dr. Dre VIP contract.

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How to Start Dr. Dre VIP Contract GTA 5 Online
How to Start Dr. Dre VIP Contract GTA 5 Online

VIP contracts are a brand new addition in the Contract DLC. As well as this, a host of new cars are available. You will also find a new radio station as part of the download.

How to Unlock Dr. Dre VIP Contract GTA 5 Online

There are a few items you need to get the Dr. Dre contract started. Luckily, none of them are that hard to get. You just need to follow the list in the right order.

Start by purchasing an agency. There are four of these, all in top locations. They won’t be on Foreclosure and you will have to buy them on Dynasty8 Executive.

Once you have done this, head to your agency. Go to the office and check the computer. You will need to complete one of the security contracts listed there. After this, return to the office and leave. You will soon get a phone call from Franklin.

Franklin will ask you to go to Los Santos Golf Course. Take part in the mission titled “On Course” and complete it. Make your way to the pier and you will get another call from Franklin.

Once you have this, then VIP contracts will unlock on your computer. So far, there is only one VIP contract available in GTA 5 Online and it involves Dr. Dre himself. You will have to do several tasks to track down his missing phone. It does take a while but the reward is high, so well worth the effort.

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