Start Taxi Work in GTA Online Drug Wars

The Los Santos Drug Wars update to GTA Online is here. It has added many new things to the game, and one of these is the opportunity to finally become a Taxi driver. Before that, if you wanted to drive a cab in GTA Online, the closest thing you could get to replicating this experience was to steal a taxi and aimlessly drive it around. But now, you finally have a chance to do this for real. If you are wondering how to start Taxi Work in GTA Online Drug Wars, we’re here to tell you everything we know about becoming a cab driver in GTAO.

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Start Taxi Work in GTA Online Drug Wars
Start Taxi Work in GTA Online Drug Wars

How to Start Taxi Work in GTA Online Drug Wars

This is part of a new oddjob called – appropriately – Taxi Work. You can begin this in one of two ways. Either by owning your very own Taxi Cab vehicle (you can purchase it on WarstockCache&Carry for $650.000), or by going to the Downtown Cab Co. Either way, once you start this job, you will then be able to drive customers around and earn money for doing so. Each customer you drive is going to give you a base fare and a tip. Both of these will increase with every consecutive fare you take on, and cap out at 10 fares. There’s no time limit between fares – nor a timer on how quickly you need to take your customer to their desired location – and you can also take on as many fares as you want to.

Note that, if you damage your vehicle, the base fare and tip are going to be slightly lowered. And if you get a wanted level while driving, you will immediately fail the oddjob. Once you complete 10 fares in a row, you will unlock the trade price for the Taxi Cab vehicle (if you don’t have it already). Doing this will also unlock the “5 Star Ride” Award. Once you take enough clients to their destinations (you don’t need to do this in a row) will get you the “Taxi Driver” Award, which also unlocks the “Downtown Cab Co.” livery.

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