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Rockstar Games keeps piling on the good news containing new features of GTA V new-gen console release. Recently, they’ve published a video regarding the all-new First Person Viewpoint, and looks like it doesn’t stop there as the Dualshock technology gets support in the gameplay.
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Switching weapons and radio stations will be a lot easier with just a swipe on the touch-pad, wanted level emits red and blue light depending on your wanted level, and more as you can see in the list below.

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GTA V features for Dualshock:

  • Depending on your wanted level, Dualshock 4 lightbar flashes red and blue
  • Simpler access to GTA Online using the touch-pad
  • Changing weapons & radio stations made much easier, as you swipe the touch-pad up or down for switching weapons, and left or right for switching radio stations
  • Police radio and phone calls can be heard from the Dualshock speaker
It’s still unknown how these features are going to be supported by the PC and the Xbox One console versions. However, the effort is definitely showing, and Rockstar Games seems to be on the right track with a lot of content and improvements to the old-gen version. We at Gosunoob are going to follow the game up on November 18, when the official release for PS4 and Xbox One comes online.

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