Unlimited GTA 5 Solo Money Glitch after Patch 1.17

Sernandoe has released a brand new youtube video with a money glitch that could be completed solo. The glitch involves hiding behind a fence which makes you invulnerable while killing the cops.
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The mission that you should take is Check Out Time. If you don’t have the mission, keep calling Martin Madrazo and keep requesting new job until Check Out Time appears. The mission is located in the menu under: Online -> Jobs -> Host Jobs -> Rockstar Created -> Missions -> Check Out Time. Select Hard difficulty as you’ll get more GTA $ and RP from it. You have to be at least level 21 to unlock Madrazo (we would like to thank user Al C. Roach for additional information).You start off by killing your target and taking a picture of the target as proof. Without finishing the mission, drive towards the place where a little blue truck spawns, next to the theater, close to the Eclipse tower. In the alley there is a small cage-fence which you can jump over. Once inside the cage, you’ll be able to shoot the cops without taking any damage. When you get enough of killing cops, call Lester, escape without bumping into any police officers and finish the mission.



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    Al C. Roach

    One small error on this page – the Mission comes from Martin Madrazo, not from Simeon. A player needs to be level 21 to unlock Madrazo, and you can call him for the mission rather than Simeon.

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