Coil Voltic

NameCoil Voltic
Top Speed320 km/h
GTA Online price
(Los Santos Customs)
Cannot be sold
Price $ 172,000.00
NoteThis is one of the fastest cars in GTA 5. Beside his speed, the absence of noise when you accelerate is almost frightening.
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Funny how you can almost feel acceleration with Coil Voltic, since his power is almost uncontrollable.
Known spawn locations so far are:
  • Kortz Center parking lot (building with huge hedge maze), Pacific Bluffs
  • The Richman Hotel parking lot, Richman
  • Air Theater parking lot, Eastern Vinewood Hills

If you do not find Coil Voltic at this locations at the first passing through, drive away, or around the block, then return again. Cars on these locations will respawn, and you will have more chance to get Coil Voltic.
Extra ModsBumpers, Hood, Skirts, Spoiler
Copy of real life vehicle:Tesla Roadster, Lotus Elise

Map Location of Coil Voltic

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  1. A
    Ace J

    where is the Coil Voltic location?

    1. T

      Hello, “Ace J”.

  2. T

    I got one around the back of simeon’s showroom, it was one of the very first missions I got the coil Voltic

  3. J

    um so i spent about a week looking for this vehicle i went to that location multiple times and couldnt find it
    is there anywhere else it spawns

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