Imponte Phoenix

NameImponte Phoenix
Top Speed320 km/h
GTA Online price
(Los Santos Customs)
  1. Spawns during the shootout in the mission “Trevor Philips Industries”
  2. Another Spawn Locations are in Grapeseed, Harmony, Paleto Bay
Extra ModsBumpers, Exhaust, Grille, Hood, Roof, Skirts, Spoiler, Turbo
Copy of real life vehicle:1980 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Map Location of Imponte Phoenix

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  1. G

    I cant find the phoenix car anywhere pleas could someone tell me where it is? 🙁

    1. V

      In GTA online, it’s rarely seen around the area near Simion’s garage for exporting cars. If you can get the mission “No Hay Bronca” from Gerald, the gang leader escapes in one. Follow him all the way to the point where he stop and reaches a dead-end and gets out of it. Then you need to get in the car, kill him to complete the mission, and go straight to freemode. You should still be in the Phoenix after completion.

      I got mine the latter way. Shot him in the foot so he fell over and I got in it and ran him over. Best of luck!

  2. D

    Where can I get one OFFLINE????

    1. G

      Information above are for Offline play.

      1. S

        uhm that isnt a Phoenix thats a wreckage of a Phoenix..

  3. the way i got the phoenix and works every time with no missions or anything is to get a el camino (dont remember in game name for car) and drive by trevors garage for about 2mins and there should be at least 2 that will spawn

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