5 Letter Words Ending in Ound, Wordle March 28

Millions of people all over the world play Wordle each day. This game has soared in popularity ever since it was released in October of last year. Deceptively simple, you have six tries to guess the 5-letter word of the day. Wordle 282 – aka the Wordle for March 28 is (naturally) another 5-letter word that is ending in Ound. To help you get today’s answer correct, we are going to list out all the 5 Letter Words Ending in Ound for Wordle March 28.


Every 5-letter Word That Ends in Ound for Wordle 282

There are nine words that fit these criteria. Here are all of them, as well as their definitions:

  • BOUND. Past participle and simple past tense of bind (v.) / Obliged to do something (adj. with infinitive) / Very likely to do or like something (adj. with infinitive).
  • HOUND. A dog, particularly one that is used for hunting purposes (n.) / Any type of dog (n.) / Someone who is looking or seeking something (n.).
  • LOUND. The name of several small villages and civil parshies in England (n.).
  • FOUND. Past participle and simple past tense of find (v.) / To start an organization, institution, or club (transitive v.) / Obsolete form of food and lodging (n.).
  • MOUND. A natural dirt and grassy hill, or knoll (n.) / An artificial hill, regularly used for defensive purposes (n.) / A slightly elevated dirt patch on which a pitcher is standing when playing baseball (n.).
  • POUND. A unit of mass equal to 16 ounces (n.) / The symbol # (n.) / To physically beat on someone or something (v.) / A place where homeless animals are kept (n.).
  • ROUND. To have a circular shape (adj.) / Being complete in a certain aspect (adj.) / When rounding numbers to in mathematical operations – for example, to make them end in zero for easier handling (adj.).
  • WOUND. An injury to a physical body of a person (n.) / To hurt another person’s feelings, with your words or actions (n.).
  • SOUND. A state of being healthy (adj.) / Being solid, secure (adj.).
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