7 Days to Die Impact Driver Explained

What do I use the impact driver for in 7 Days to Die? If this question has been bothering you since you found the schematics for this one, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We will also explain all the other details as well. Is it better than the Wrench and Ratchet? Find out!

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7 Days to Die Impact Driver Explained
What do I use the impact driver for in 7 Days to Die?

How to Use Impact Driver in 7 Days to Die

In 7 Days to Die, Impact Driver is a tool used for dismantling various mechanical and electrical blocks for spare parts. In essence, it works in exactly the same way as the Wrench or Ratchet. However, it is simply a more efficient tool. That means that it uses much less stamina, requires fewer hits to disassemble objects, and so on.

In terms of raw loot numbers, you will always get the same amount of materials. It doesn’t matter if you use the Wrench, Ratchet or Impact Driver. In addition, with every level of the Salvage Operations perk, you will get an option to craft a higher-quality Impact Driver variation. Here is a table of required crafting materials for each quality level of the tool:

Quality 1Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4Quality 5
Motor Tool Parts57101215
Forged Steel1624324048
Mechanical Parts69121518
Duct Tape34679

Of course, aside from the Schematic, you will also need a Workbench, where you will be able to craft the tool. If your Impact Driver deteriorates to the point of being unusable, you will be able to repair it with a Repair Kit. Check out some other properties of the tool:

  • Entity Damage – 16.5
  • Power Attack Entity Damage – 33
  • Block Damage – 58
  • Power Attack Block Damage – 116
  • Range – 2.4
  • Attacks per Minute – 50
  • Stamina Usage – 24.7
  • Earth Damage Multiplier – 0.25
  • Stone Damage Multiplier – 0.5
  • Wood Damage Multiplier – 0.5
  • Durability (Min Quality) – 500
  • Durability (Max Quality) – 1100
  • Degradation per Use – 1
  • Compatible Mods – Blunt
  • Base Sell Price – 300
  • Base Buy Price – 500
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