Adopt Me Fall Weather Update 2022 New Pets & Furniture

In our Adopt Me Fall Weather Update 2022 New Pets & Furniture guide, we’re going to give you all the important details of the event. We will cover the release date and time of the 2022 Fall Weather update, and list all the new items that you’ll be able to get when it comes out. Let’s dive in!

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adopt me fall weather update 2022 new pets & furniture
Adopt Me Fall Weather Update 2022 New Pets & Furniture

Adopt Me Fall Weather Update 2022 Release Date, New Pets & Furniture

The release date for the Adopt Me Fall Weather 2022 update, when the new pets and furniture are going to come out, is Thursday, August 11th. Well, to be fair, it will depend on your timezone. The exact launch time should be 8 AM Pacific Time / 11 AM Eastern Time / 4 PM BST / 5 PM CEST. That translates to Friday, August 12th at midnight JST / 1 AM AEST / 3 AM NZST. So, there is some difference in the launch date if you’re from Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, etc. You can do your own math from there. If not, well, you can simply keep an eye on the official countdown, and you won’t go wrong. At the time of writing, we’re still some twenty-seven hours out.

So, that’s the release date and time of the 2022 Adopt Me Fall Weather update, but what about the new pets and furniture? Well, you’ll have to go to the Fall Shop. In there, you’ll be able to adopt a badger for 700 Bux. For 199 Robux, you can get the Golden Wheat Stalk. Using this item, you can get the Brown-Chested Pheasant (60% chance), Green-Chested Pheasant (37.5% chance), or Black-Chested Pheasant (2.5% chance). You can see what they look like in the screenshot above. Just be sure not to spend too many Robux trying to get them all. Anyway, while you’re in the Fall Shop, talk to Russell the badger. He will sell you a whole bunch of fall-themed stuff, including vehicles, cosmetics and much more. As for the furniture, look forward to a slew of different, cool-looking steampunk pieces.

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