Adopt Me Friendship Bar & Aging Potion Explained

Adopt Me Safari & Friendship Bar update is here! The big summer update brings many new awesome features to the game, including a couple of highly-requested ones. Read on as we explain how the Friendship Bar works in Adopt Me, and what is the Aging Potion.

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Adopt Me Friendship Bar & Aging Potion Explained
Adopt Me Age Potion

Adopt Me Friendship Bar

Aside from the new pets, the major feature of this Adopt Me Safari update comes in the form of a simple bar. So, what is this new feature called the “Friendship Bar”, and how does it work? Let’s dive into it. You will recognize the Friendship Bar as an oval bar with a golden rim and a heart symbol above your pets. The word “friend” is written on it, and a number, which represents your friendship level with that specific pet. The bar will appear above your pets once they are fully grown.

This will allow you to continue to meaningful raise your pets and earn some rewards along the way as a part of the friendship levelling process. Whenever a pet’s friendship bar levels up, that pet will give you an Age Potion. Furthermore, if you combine four pets with a Friendship level to create a Neon Pet, their Friendship levels will add together. However, you will first need to fully grow your new Neon Pet before you continue building their friendship level. Finally, keep in mind that if you trade a pet, the Friendship level will reset to zero.

Adopt Me Aging Potion

Finally, let’s see how this Adopt Me Age Potion works. It’s actually fairly simple and easy. Whenever your fully grown-up pet level up its friendship bar, you will get an Aging Potion. And how does it work? You can use this Age Potion with any of your not yet developed pets, and it will speed up the process!

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