Adopt Me Southeast Asia Egg, New Pets 2023

When is the new egg coming to Adopt Me 2023? Well, very soon, actually. And with it, the Japanese Egg is going to be retired (though this does not mean it may not come back in some form or another in a future update or during a special event). The new egg is called the Southeast Asia Egg, and it is going to bring several new pets into the game. In this Adopt Me Southeast Asia Egg, New Pets 2023 guide, we’re going to analyze everything we know about this Egg, including when it is going to be released, and the pets that are coming with it.

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Adopt Me New Egg 2023
Adopt Me Southeast Asia Egg, New Pets 2023

When is Southeast Asia Egg Coming to Adopt Me 2023

The new Egg is going to be released as part of the Mountain House update this Thursday, March 2nd, 2023, at 5 PM GMT+1. If this does not correspond to the time zone where you are currently residing, we recommend that you visit the official countdown page for a more accurate time. Also, the game may be down for a short while during the update, so be patient. And don’t worry – they have updated the game many, many times without problems already, so there’s no reason why this time should be any different.

Adopt Me Southeast Asia Egg Pets, Gecko, Binturong, Yellow-Lipped Sea Krait, Tree Kangaroo & Others

As previously stated, several new pets are going to be added to Adopt Me with the Southeast Asia Egg. So let’s see what these are. The first one is the Bali Starling (Common, 35% Chance), followed by the Malaysian Tapir (Common, 35% Chance), Maleo Bird (Common, 35% Chance), Banded Civet (Uncommon, 25% Chance), Yellow-Lipped Sea Krait (Uncommon, 25% Chance), Gecko (Rare, 20% chance), Tarsier (Rare, 20% Chance), Black Macaque (Ultra-Rare, 16% Chance), Binturong (Ultra-Rare, 16% Chance), Komodo Dragon (Ultra-Rare, 16% Chance), Tree Kangaroo (Legendary, 4% Chance), and Naga Dragon (Legendary, 4% Chance). Also, don’t forget that you have until the end of the week to make use of the Japan Egg, so make sure that you have obtained everything that you want from it before it’s gone.

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  1. R

    No new egg today.

  2. N
    No it's not it's in 2 days

    No it’s not it’s in 2 days

    1. X

      hey guys !! hope everyone is having a great dayy ❤💕

      1. S

        The new egg is cute:)
        Btw it’s only 750 bucks

  3. N

    It is tomorrow, March2

    1. N

      To be really exact tomorrow at 8:00

    2. S

      It’s sooo cute:))

    3. S

      It’s very cute egg
      And what might be the next egg??

  4. B

    Well it comes today.

    1. B

      The pets are super cute!

  5. S

    The egg is out!!
    Is so cute!!
    But I don’t have enough bucks to buy it yet one of my friend got two ultra-rares!! :))

  6. P

    I got a tree kangaroo first try love the update

  7. K

    The pets are so cute!!!

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