Adopt Me Therapy Dog Update

The upcoming Adopt Me Therapy Dog update is going to bring a new pet to the game for a limited amount of time. The new animal is called Patty the therapy dog, and I’m sure many of you are going to want to know how to get it. After all, the new update is all about raising awareness for a charitable organization, which is pretty cool. So, all that said, here’s what you need to do to get the therapy Dog in Adopt Me.

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adopt me therapy dog update
Adopt Me Therapy Dog Update

How to Get Therapy Dog in Adopt Me

To get the therapy dog pet in Adopt Me, you first have to wait for the new update to drop. This should happen on Thursday, November 10th at 5 PM GMT+1. This is usually the part of the guide where we do a bunch of timezone conversions so that you know when the update launches in your area. Fortunately, the developers of Adopt Me always put up a handy-dandy countdown, so we won’t have to do any math. Once the Therapy Dog update drops, you will see a new stand in the game, as pictured above. When you interact with Patty the therapy dog, you’ll get a little quest to heal a pet or a baby three times. You’ll then get a Patty of your very own.

And there you have it, that’s how you get the therapy dog in the upcoming Adopt Me update. Keep in mind that Patty and her stand will remain in the game for a week, so don’t wait too long. Plus, the whole thing is a very, very cool gesture from the developers of Adopt Me. It’s basically them giving a huge shout-out to Great Ormond Street Hospital, an organization that’s been around since 1852. They focus on children’s healthcare, and have a program called GOSH Play Team. Their job is to organize various activities for sick kids to raise their spirits. The devs of Adopt Me will be donating more than fifty thousand dollars to them, which I think is admirable. You can read more about the update in general here.

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    I’m gonna make a neon

  2. R

    Hi, thank you for this true information. But, There is still 1 question that I have that has not been answered. The question is can you have more than 1 therapy dog in adopt me? Thank you for reading this, have a great rest of your day 🙂

    1. P

      No, you can only get one. You can have more than one in your backpack tho. Most players do this through trade or having more than one account to obtain them. I hope this helps.

  3. P

    1st the therapy dog is amazing, love getting pets and the fact that this one is free is a bonus; however, there is a problem after this update occurred that not only I have noticed but several of my friends too. When feeding my pets any of them, at home, in the pizza shop at camp outside the home they they twitch violently and it sort of worries me. I’m a person with a seizure disorder and if I have to feed myself, I have to put my pet in a highchair (decorations) to sit while I eat or drink as it happens even if I am eating or drinking. This is a new bug that has only happened since the update. I have a difficult time when having to give a golden apple to my pet and myself. My husband noticed that my head was shaking while I was feeding, like my body was going into an episode while playing. This has never happened to me in the time I’ve been playing this game. I’m fine if not having to interact with my pets but in order to get the things I want I have to. I do hope this glitch as it’s the only thing I can think of calling it goes away when the event ends. For the first time I’m grateful it’s a short lived event.

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