Aether Gazer Tier List February 2024

Aether Gazer is a 3D action RPG that is available for PC, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. The game is characterized by its fast-paced combat, as well as its striking anime visual style. Though, as there are so many characters to use and ways to develop them, it can be very difficult to figure out which ones are worth using, and which ones you can safely ignore. In this Aether Gazer Tier List February 2024, we are going to list out all the characters in the game and rank them according to how powerful each one of them is.

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Aether Gazer Tier List February 2024
Aether Gazer Tier List February 2024

Aether Gazer Tier List of Best Characters

Now, before we get to the rankings, we have to point a couple of things out first. To start with, the game is still in active development. This means that more characters are bound to be added in the future, as well as possible nerfs and buffs to exisiting ones. And secondly, this is only our subjective opinion. If you belive a character shouldn’t be ranked so high or so low, then please tell us why you think so down in the comments. And now, let’s see the Aether Gazer Tier List itself:

  • S Tier: (Azure Lord) Mengzhang, (Living Soul) Osiris, (Puppet Master) Hades, (Untainted Heart) Lingguang, (Shinri) Tsukuyomi, (Jackal) Anubis, (Rahu) Asura, (Darkstar) Hel, (Tenblaze) Jinwu, (Early Sakura) Ookuninushi, (Phantasmal Dawn) Hera, and (Arctic Abyss) Poseidon.
  • A Tier: (Shinku Buzenbo) Tengu, (Ablaze) Tyr, (Rage Serpent) Marduk, (Chord of Convallaria) Athena, (Countertide) Leviathan, (Backflowing) Oceanus, (Ailuros) Bastet, (Flowfly Mist) Shu, (Cleansing Wind) Enlil, (Airgetlam) Nuadha, and (Tidal Song) Poseidon.
  • B Tier: (Drowsie) Oneiroi, (Archaic Oath) Verthandi, (Ryugiri) Kagutsuchi, (Wasteland) Fiend Kingu, (Gusty Lance) Shu, (Jin-ei) Kuninotokotachi, (Enlightening) Heimdall, and (Waverender) Skadi.
  • C Tier: (Sakubo) Tsukuyomi, (The Innocence) Osiris, (Surefire Zenkibo) Tengu, (Croc Rage) Sobek, (Dark Mistletoe) Hodur, (Comet R4Y) Zenkibo Tengu, (Windwalker) Hermes, (Radiant Feather) Hera, (Frost Fang) Vidar, (Thundertusk) Kali, (New Pact) Verthandi, (The Glare) Apollo, and (Drifting Flurry) Leviathan.
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