AFK Arena Nightmare Corridor Guide

The Nightmare Corridor is a special challenge in AFK Arena. The goal here is to defeat six special bosses. You can only do this with certain heroes and pets (or, as they are called in the game, beasts). To be able to participate in this event challenge, you will need to have Resonating Crystal level 350 or to have heroes that are at least 30 Ascended Tier. This event resets every four weeks and its boss layout is different each time. To help you defeat these bosses, our AFK Arena Nightmare Corridor Guide is here to tell you which hero and pet (beast) combinations work against each one. We are going to update this guide whenever a new Nightmare Corridor goes live, so check back whenever that happens.

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AFK Arena Nightmare Corridor Guide
AFK Arena Nightmare Corridor Guide

How to Defeat the AFK Arena Nightmare Corridor Bosses

The bosses that are currently in the AFK Arena Nightmare Corridor are – Burning Brute, Ice Shemira, Dune Destroyer, Kane, Idre, and Demonic Nemora. Note that you only have until Monday, March 24th, 2023, to complete this event. After that, it will reset with a new batch of bosses. If you are wondering how the score for this challenge is calculated, it follows a very basic formula. Basically, the final score represents how many bosses you have killed, and how long it took you to do so. If you haven’t managed to kill any bosses, then the score is going to be the sum of all the damage you have dealt them. Naturally, you should aim to kill them as fast as possible. And now, let’s see how to defeat all the AFK Arena Nightmare Corridor this time:

  • Boss Burning Brute – Option 1: Geralt, Saurus, Lyca, Mischka, Twins (E+) (Fire) / Option 2: Veithael (M), Saurus, Lyca, Mischka, Tamrus (Owl).
  • Boss Ice Shemira – Option 1: aThane (merc), Ezizh (E+), Lucretia, Anasta (203), Silas (Frost) – RNG / Option 2: Lucretia, Daimon, Silas, ABaden, Ezizh ( Phantasmoth) / Option 3: aThane (merc), Daimon, Baden, Silas, Ezizh (Moth).
  • Boss Dune Destroyer – Option 1: aBelinda (M), Joan, Rosa, Rowan, Palmer (Owl) / Option 2: aBelinda (L), Alna, Rosa, Palmer, Raine (Pet: Owl) / Option 3: aBelinda (L), Anasta, Rosa, Palmer, Raine (Talismane) / aBelinda (M), aTalene (L), Rosa, Rowan, Palmer (Owl) – RNG.
  • Boss Kane – Option 1: Scarlett, Grez, Estrilda, Hodgkin, Nevanthi (Blade) / Option 2: Scarlett, Grez, Estrilda, Hodgkin, Twins (Blade).
  • Boss Idre – Option 1: Warek, Eorin (309e30), Lorsan, Antandra, aSolise (Lion) / Option 2: Warek, Eorin (203), Lorsan, Skreg, aSolise (Lion) – RNG.
  • Boss Demonic Nemora – Option 1: Anasta, Joan, Mortas, Kren, Maetria (L) (Souffle) / Option 2: Orthos / Antandra / Skreg, Joan, Mortas, aBrutus / Anasta, Maetria (L) (Souffle).
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