AFK Arena Trails of Mystery Day 1,2,3,4

In our AFK Arena Trails of Mystery guide, we are going to show you the correct combination of clues for each day of the event. I mean, you can keep guessing until you get it right; there’s no punishment for getting it wrong that I know of. But that’s annoying and a waste of time. Let’s make things easier, shall we?

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afk arena trails of mystery guide
AFK Arena Trails of Mystery Guide

AFK Arena Trails of Mystery Clues Combination Day 1

The correct Day 1 combination of clues in the AFK Arena Trials of Mystery requires you to “mix” the first and third clue. As you’ve probably already gathered, you can combine any two clues and get a result, but only one is the “right” one. After you combine the first and third clues, though, you’ll get the Lost Powers result, revealing that some heroes’ special abilities have been stolen by an unknown force.

  • Unusual Behavior – Lately, many heroes have been staying in and not fought with anyone, which is unusual.
  • Beast Alert – Many beasts have appeared in the city recently for unknown reasons.
  • Rampant Thefts – It’s said that many people have been stolen from, but no-one knows what exactly they have lost.
  • Firearm Frenzy – The firearms in the city’s arsenal have all been sold out.

Trails of Mystery Clues Day 2 Combination AFK Arena

When it comes to the Day 2 Trials of Mystery clues combination in AFK Arena, you need to combine the second and fourth clue. Again, you can absolutely mix and match all of them in different ways, but only this combo will move the story forward. You’ll get the result called Hypogean’s Gallery and reveals this mysterious gallery to be the place where the Hypogean is hiding the stolen powers.

  • Forbidden Voyage – Recently, a ship has set sail secretly without notice.
  • Mysterious Hypogean – A mysterious Hypogean has been seen in the city.
  • Busy Craftsmen – The city’s most famous builders have received a mysterious commission.
  • Bizarre Building – A mysterious building has been discovered, that looks like a creepy gallery.

Day 3 AFK Arena Trails of Mystery Clues Combination

The correct combination of clues in Day 3 of AFK Arena Trials of Mystery continues the increasingly creepy story told in the previous days. Whatever has happened to the powers of the heroes, it’s definitely being used to commit robbery from the creepy gallery. Things are getting more and more interesting.

  • Power Resurfaced – Someone has used a hero’s unique skill.
  • Special Teacher – Many claim to have been accepted as a student by a special teacher.
  • Enchanted Panacea – A magical potion has emerged in the black market, touted as a cure for all diseases.
  • Treasure Robbery – Someone has entered the gallery and stolen an item from its collection.

AFK Arena Trails of Mystery Clues Day 4

Last, but not least, we have the Day 4 combination of clues in AFK Arena Trails of Mystery. Once again, we have the heroes’ skills being used (and even enhanced), and further thefts. Here’s the list of all four clue options, with the correct ones in bold.

  • Vagabonds Camp – The thief who stole from the gallery has traveled to the vagabonds’ settlement outside the city.
  • Lost Skill Detected – Someone has used the heroes’ unique skills again, with a force that’s significantly enhanced.
  • Vanished Treasures – Besides the items, the thief has also stolen other treasures whose whereabouts are now unknown.
  • Charitable Curator – The curator did not seek to recover the items after they had been stolen from the gallery.
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