AFK Arena Wish Finder Locations 2024

In our AFK Arena Wish Finder Locations 2024 guide, we are going to show you where to find the wish each day and explain how to interpret the clues the characters give you. We will also explain how the process of getting and hanging the wish works, as well as what rewards you’ll get for solving each riddle. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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afk arena wish finder locations 2024
AFK Arena Wish Finder Locations 2024

AFK Arena Wish Finder Day 1 Daimon – Try Looking in the Library Location

The hint you get for the Day 1 Daimon wish in AF Arena Wish Finder 2024 tells you to try looking in the library. So, off to the library in Ranhorn we go. Once you’re in that menu, select Unions. Scroll down all the way until you get to the one called The Forsaken Family. It’s the picture featuring Daimon and his parents, Niru and Shemira. This is why you have to read the whole hint, by the way: Daimon mentions his mom bringing him books. That points you toward The Forsaken Family entry under Unions. Anyways, the wish will be in the upper right corner of the family photo. It looks like a little feather on a key ring. You have to tap the wish directly, not the whole picture. Next, click Go Hang the Wish. Your reward will be five common Hero Scrolls.

Wish Finder Day 2 Palmer – Try Looking in Temple of Ascension Solution

The solution to the Day 2 hint of AFK Arena Wish Finder 2024 is to follow the hint from Palmer, and that’s to try looking in the Temple of Ascension. That, of course, is in Ranhorn. As soon as you go into the temple, you’ll immediately see the wish on the floor. As we’ve already said, it’s a small feather. You absolutely can’t miss it; the item really stands out from the rest of the Temple of Ascension. Tap it, then select Go Hang the Wish (if you want to put it up on the tree right away, of course). Your reward will be a thousand Poe coins.

How to Solve AFK Arena Wish Finder Day 3 Rigby Wish – Try Looking in the Noble Tavern

To solve Rigby’s wish in Day 3 of AFK Arena Wish Finder, you do indeed need to look in the Noble Tavern, as the hint suggests. Much as was the case with Palmer’s wish, this one is really easy to find. The Noble Tavern is in Ranhorn, just below the Temple of Ascension. As soon as you “walk” in and are greeted by the barkeep, look to the bottom right of her screen. You’ll see the wish lying there on the bar, to the right of the quill and stack of papers. Tap the item and hang it on the tree. You’ll get one thousand Diamonds for your troubles.

where to find rigbys wish afk arena
The wish is on the bar

Try Looking through Hero Portraits – How to Get Thane’s Wish in Wish Finder Day 4

The hint for Thane’s wish in AFK Arena Wish Finder 2024 Day 4 tells you to try looking through Hero Portraits, and that’s exactly what you need to do. Problem is, there are a lot of heroes in the game. The previous part of the hint actually points you towards the correct answer. Thane says: “We parted ways on the battlefield, but when we met again, we weren’t the same as we used to be.” So, we’re talking either an enemy or friend, and lore-wise, only one character close to Thane went through a huge metamorphosis – Baden.

So, tap Heroes in the bottom right, then scroll down to the Graveborn. Tap Baden’s profile (the dude with the bat wings on his mask), then tap Story in the bottom right. The Wish will be in the top right corner. Tap it, opt to hang it right away, and complete the process from there. You’ll get five common Hero Scrolls as a reward.

try looking through hero portraits how to get thanes wish
Top right of Baden’s profile

AFK Arena Wish Finder Day 5 Satrana – Try Looking at the World Map

The hint for Satrana’s Wish, aka Day 5 of AFK Arena Wish Finder 2024, tells you to try looking at the World Map. And that is true, the wish is there. But if you read the rest of what Satrana has to say, you’ll actually get more information. The clue reads: “Deep within the lush oasis, there’s this grand temple. It’s where I was lucky enough to meet someone who changed my life.” What this is pointing you towards is the Desert Sanctuary region. And, indeed, that’s where you’ll see the wish. Hang it on the tree to get five Red Chests.

try looking at the world map wish finder day 5 satrana afk arena
Go to Desert Sanctuary on the world map

AFK Arena Wish Finder Day 6 Fawkes – Try Looking at the Bounty Board

Fawkes, the demon slayer skilled in defeating dark creatures, will provide a fresh hint for Day 6. As he actively seeks out new bounty quests, he will guide you to locate the Bounty Board. Tap on the Dark Forest at the bottom of the screen, and there, you’ll spot the Bounty Board icon positioned alongside the Arcane Labyrinth. Upon tapping it, direct your attention to the upper right corner of the screen to discover the wish. Upon hanging the wish, you’ll be rewarded with 100 twisted essence.

AFK Arena Wish Finder Day 7 Warek – Try Looking in the Arena of Heroes

Warek, the Mauler warrior, will assign the final task during the Wish Finder event. He will instruct you to head to the Arena of Heroes to find the last wish. To locate the Arena, simply tap on the Dark Forest from the bottom menu, and you’ll find it next to King’s Tower. Completing this task will earn you 25 Baits as a reward for hanging the wish.

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