All 30 Apex Predators Boards Forza Horizon 5

Rally Adventure is the latest expansion to the smash-hit racing game Forza Horizon 5. As its name suggests, this expansion is all about rally racing. Naturally, there are many new activities and challenges that have been added to the game. Though, out of these all of these, the Apex Predators Boards require by far the most effort. If you want to get both Achievements for smashing all 30 of these, you will first need to figure out where you can find all of them. To do this, you can either drive around the entire map looking for them until you have found each and every one, or – you can read our guide and see where all 30 Apex Predators Boards are in Forza Horizon 5. It should come as no surprise that we recommend the second method. And now, let’s see the locations of these Apex Predators Boards in FH5.

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All 30 Apex Predators Boards Forza Horizon 5
All 30 Apex Predators Boards Forza Horizon 5

All 30 Apex Predators Boards Locations Forza Horizon 5

As previously mentioned, there are two Achievements that you can get from discovering and smashing the Apex Predators Boards in FH5. The first one is called “Smashlicious” and you get it once you have smashed 15 Apex Predators Boards. And the second is “Generating Alternative Smash Flows” and you will receive it once you smash all 30 Apex Predators Boards in the game. But where can these be found? Well, they are scattered all throughout the map. Instead of trying to explain where each and every one of them is, we have marked all 30 Apex Predators Boards on our map below.

Forza Horizon 5 All 30 Apex Predators locations

Finally, we’d like to especially thank Reddit user WOOOOOOBLY and their very helpful post which we referred to in order to mark all of these locations on the map. Good luck with Apex Predators Boards hunting and smashing.

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