Apex Legends Event Packs Not Showing, Imperial Guard Collection

If Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event Packs are not showing in the event track, you should know you’re not alone. The 4th-anniversary celebration in Apex Legends continues with the Imperial Guard Collection event, introducing the Mixtape playlist, new skins, and more. However, some players were unpleasantly surprised to see that there were no Imperial Guard event packs on the event track. If you are missing the Event Packs, here’s how to fix it.

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Apex Legends Event Packs Not Showing, Imperial Guard Collection
Apex Legends Event Packs Missing

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event Packs Not Showing Fix

The Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection event has just kicked off. And if you are a veteran Apex player, you know the drill. This means a new LTM, a new heirloom, new skins, free rewards, and a fresh event track to grind through. And free event packs are usually event-themed. As such, for this event, we should get Imperial Guard Collection Event Apex Packs. Unfortunately, upon the start of the event, many players saw only regular packs. “Weren’t there supposed to be free event packs in the prize tracker, or did I misread something,” asks Reddit user Anabolex95. “No event packs, what a shame,” Reddit user Elorios added.

Is this intended or a bug? Luckily, it’s just a minor bug which you can quickly fix. So, how to fix this? All you need to do is to update the game. Restart your console or Steam, and the game should be updated automatically. Furthermore, some players report that you should log in and out of your account for the proper event track to appear. Finally, make sure NOT to open the regular pack before fixing it. Unfortunately, some players opened the first free pack before the update. And now, despite fixing the “Apex Event Packs Not Showing” issue, they are missing one event pack.

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  1. T
    Tibo garre

    I accedentaly openen the normal pack without knowing there were event packs and now I don’t get it what the f*ck

    1. O

      same, bro….. this s**t is bull***t

  2. K

    I didn’t open any packs, but I still didn’t get my free event pack, and I also can’t get past 1250 pass, I’m stuck no matter how much I grind. I hate this s**t ass game

    1. L

      @karnjot me too man my game was stuck on 1250 and wouldn’t let me update

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