Ark Survival Ascended Console Release Date

The Ark Survival Ascended console release date is coming closer, and naturally, console players want to know when they can join in on the fun. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this guide. We are going to show you ASA is coming to consoles and which ones. That way, you’ll know if Ark Survival Ascended will be on PS4 and Xbox One, not just PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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ark survival ascended console release date
Ark Survival Ascended Console Release Date

When is Ark Survival Ascended Coming out for PS5, Xbox?

So far, the only thing we know is that the console version of Ark Survival is coming out on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 at some point in November. We’ll be sure to add more precise information when we have it. I’m sure the devs will talk more about it as the launch date comes closer. Honestly, I thought it’d take them longer, considering that the PC version launched on October 25th. This is certainly good news for console players, since they won’t lag too far behind people on PC. Now I know there is a substantial number of you that want to know if they’ll be able to play the game on older consoles? Well… let’s talk about it.

Will Ark Survival Ascended be on PS4 & Xbox One?

Nope, the console version of Ark Survival Ascended will not be on PS4 and Xbox One, as far as we know. The old consoles unfortunately cannot handle everything the game demands. So, if you’re still playing on older consoles and haven’t upgraded yet (like yours truly), then you’re stuck playing ASA on PC rather than PS4 and Xbox One. That is, if your rig can even handle it, which is not the case with everyone, especially if you generally main consoles. So, yeah. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. The transition period between consoles is always difficult for us who are emotionally attached to our old machine.

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