Arknights Tier List

Arknights is a very exciting mobile game. With several dozen characters – and eight classes – you can make all sorts of party compositions. But, as there are so many characters available, it can be hard to figure out which ones are the best. To help you with this, we have made this Arknights Tier List. In it, we have divided all of the characters by class, and those classes into tiers.

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Arknights Tier List
Arknights Tier List

Arknights Caster Tier List

As their name suggests, Casters are magic users, typically attacking from range:

  • S Tier: Eyjafjalla, Dusk, Mostima, Carnelian, Ifrit, and Ceobe.
  • A Tier: Lava the Purgatory, Mint, Click, Gitano, Amiya, Iris, Leizi, and Haze.
  • B Tier: Skyfire, Tomimi, Corroserum, Steward, 12F, Passenger, Leonhardt, and Greyy.
  • C Tier: Lava, Nightmare, Absinthe, Beeswax, and Durin.

Arknights Defender Tier List

The classic tank, Defenders are designed for the front, taking on damage to protect the more squishy characters:

  • S Tier: Nian, Liskarm, Mudrock, Blemishine, Eunectes, Saria, and Hoshiguma.
  • A Tier: Hung Asbestos, Nearl, Croissant, Ashlock, Blitz, Cuora, and Bison.
  • B Tier: Dur-Nar, Heavyrain, Gummy, Bubble, and Noir Corne.
  • C Tier: Cardigan, Matterhorn, Vulcan, Beagle, and Spot.

Arknights Guard Tier List

Guards are melee-oriented characters in Arknights. With solid HP and a great melee DMG output, they can both dish out damage as well as take it:

  • S Tier: Lappland, La Pluma, Skadi, Hellagur, Specter, Mountain, Blaze, Surtr, and SilverAsh.
  • A Tier: Franka, Amiya, Tequila, Flamebringer, Astesia, Thorns, Indra, Pallas, Flint, Broca, Ch’en, Savage, Akafuyu, and Cutter.
  • B Tier: Jackie, Melantha, ‘k, Estelle, Tachanka, Matoimaru, Mousse, Utage, Ayerscape, Popukar, Whislash, Frostleaf, Arene, and Sideroca.
  • C Tier: Castle-3, Beehunter, Dobermann, Conviction, Swire, and Midnight.

Arknights Medic Tier List

The healer of the party. Needless to say, they don’t have much survivability on their own:

  • S Tier: Ptilopsis, Tuye, Shining, Kal’tsit, and Warfarin.
  • A Tier: Breeze, Whisperain, Nightingale, Purestream, Sussurro, and Silence.
  • B Tier: Mulberry, Folinic, Hibiscus, Perfumer, and Myrrh.
  • C Tier: Ansel, Ceylon, Lancet-2, and Gavial.

Arknights Specialists Tier List

This class specializes in debuffs. They are excellent in PvP matches, where they can apply a lot of AoE debuffing:

  • S Tier: Projekt Red, Phantom, Weedy, Aak, and Gladiia.
  • A Tier: Mizuki, Gravel, Cliffheart, Kafka, Ethan, Mr. Nothing, and Jaye.
  • B Tier: Rope, Waai Fu, Frost, Robin, Kirara, and Snowsant.
  • C Tier: Shaw, Manticore, FEater, and THRM-EX.

Arknights Sniper Tier List

Snipers are long-range fighters that can deal a lot of damage in short bursts. But keep them away from the front lines:

  • S Tier: Archetto, Rosa, Schwarz, Fiammetta, Exusial, and Ash.
  • A Tier: Blue Poison, Provence, Pinecone, and Platinum.
  • B Tier: Toddifons, Aosta, Sesa, Meteorite, Executor, Firewatch, GreyThroat, Rosmontis, Andreana, Ambriel, W, Fartooth, and Aciddrop.
  • C Tier: Catapult, Adnachiel, Vermeil, Shirayuki, Meteor, Kroos, Jessica, and Rangers.

Arknights Supporter Tier List

A little bit of everything, the Supporter can buff their allies and debuff their enemies:

  • S Tier: Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Angelina, and Scene.
  • A Tier: Sora, Pramanix, Roberta, Magallan, Shamare, and Glaucus.
  • B Tier: Deepcolor, Earthspirit, Suzuran, and Podenco.
  • C Tier: Istina, Orchid, Mayer, and Tsukinogi.

Arknights Vanguard Tier List

Designed for the front line, what sets Vanguards from the Defender and Guard is the fact that they can gain extra Deployment Points:

  • S Tier: Elysium, Flametail, Bagpipe, Myrtle, and Saileach.
  • A Tier: Vigna, Reed, Saga, Siege, and Zima.
  • B Tier: Vanilla, Chiave, Courier, Grani, and Beanstalk.
  • C Tier: Scavenger, Fang, Yato, Texas, and Plume.
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