Avatars Saga Codes April 2023

The Avatars Saga April 2023 codes are up and available for you to redeem and get tons of useful items. In this guide, we are going to give you a full list of currently active codes and explain how to redeem them. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it!

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avatars saga codes april 2023
Avatars Saga Codes April 2023

Codes for Avatars Saga April 2023

There eight active codes for Avatars Saga in April 2023 that we’re aware of. If we’ve missed any of them, feel free to let us know in the comments. And make sure to use every code before it expires! With that said, here’s a list of codes and what they unlock.

  • 47f1xd1cs7ov – Redeem the code to get 50 B-Ingots, 50K Silver, Lv.1 Cold Jadestone, 9 Roses
  • pgvwdlx2nya9 – Redeem the code to get 50 B-Ingots, 50K Silver, Lv.1 King Kong stone, 9 Roses
  • WELCOME – Redeem the code to get 50 B-Ingots, 50K Silver, 1.5x EXP Potion, 2-hour Offline Grinding Card, 3 Junior Stunt Essence
  • ST777 – Redeem the code to get 50K Silver, 2 1.5X EXP Potions, 5-hour Offline Grinding Card, 2 Individual Boss Challenge Tokens
  • VIP777 – Redeem the code to get 60 B-Ingots, 50K Silver, 1.5X EXP Potion, 3 Protoss Upgrade Boluses, 3 Junior Wings Essences
  • GIFT777 – Redeem the code to get 50 B-Ingots, 60K Silver, 3 Mount Upgrade Boluses, 3 Junior Stunt Essences, 5-hour Offline Grinding Card
  • CM777 – Redeem the code to get 288 B-Ingots, 50K Silver, 2 Probe Tokens
  • BFF777 – Redeem the code to get 20 B-Ingots, 2 5-hour Offline Grinding Cards, 1 Boss Refresh Card, 2 Lv.2 Cold Jadestones

How to Redeem Avatars Saga Codes

To redeem codes in Avatars Saga, you need to follow a few pretty easy steps. First off, tap the Welfare icon at the top of the screen; it’s the one that looks like a present. In the menu that opens on the right, tap the Activation Code button at the bottom. Enter a code from the list above into the text box and follow that up by tapping “Claim Pack.” Rinse and repeat until you’ve used up every available code. Like I said, it’s really nothing that difficult; the game pretty much walks you through the whole process, as long as you pay attention.

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